How are the bugs?


Earning My Ears
Jan 10, 2001
Anyone just back? Just wondering how the bugs are... do we need lots of bug repellant or are they not really out yet?

6 days and counting....

Offsite 81, 83, 85, 86
All Star Movies spring 2001
We just got back 2 days ago were there for 8 days did not use any bug spray and nobody in my party gotten bit . Did not see alot of bugs this time

If you're staying onsite, WDW does an excellent job of bug control. However, once offsite, the bugs can be a problem. The pools at private homes all seem to be screened in, so that says to me "BUGS."
I am not sure what Disney does but we have never had to use bug spray at Disneyworld. However if you stay off Disney property you better be ready during the summer. The pests are especially bad around the pool areas. One of the advantages of staying on property is not having to deal with bugs.

Just got back tonite and I have to say that out of a group of 12 none of us got bit once - didn't even see a mosquito there at all and we stayed offsite and spent some evenings out by the pool and didn't have a problem there or at the parks and none of us used any bug spray! Enjoy your trip! :)
Mequito bites in 16 days! we saw a jack rabbet at the all stars[cuz of the fires] and a little frog and two little lizards,one at resort[Dh wanted to know if it was animatonic???] and one at AK. And that was all the "wild life" we saw!! :eek:

We've been to WDW in the Summer, Fall, and Spring and have only seen one tiny, garden variety spider in our hotel bathroom once. Never used bug spray either.

I was expecting lots of bugs at Typhoon Lagoon, but there were none. are they managing to keep all these bugs and mosquitos off property? Must be charging admission!


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