how are docs handled when....


Mar 26, 2001
4 people are staying in one cabin 3 will be driving down and one doing air through disney? that one being my father who lives in a different state. has anyone ever done this and were the docs sent seperatly?i'm not sure i am being clear what i mean to say is i do not want to receive my dads docs and have to send them to him myself and it would be even worse if he were to receive them all and have to send 3 sets to me. dcl has already sent dh ds and dds docs for one cabin but i was told mine and 2 dds could not be sent because of the air info. , but if they will be sent seperatly anyway should i not receive mine and then my dad his at the later date. i hope i havn't completly confused everyone and if anyone has ever done it this way can you share your experience please. thank you


Aug 13, 1999
Hi :)

I am taking my Mom and DCL asked if I wanted her documents sent to her :)

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