How 2 save on hotel on way to WDW?


Disney Junkie...
Sep 17, 2001
We are planing to stop for one night in Valdosta on the way down to WDW. Any thoughts on saving money for the hotel (will need 2 rooms).

I've thought about priceline but it just says "valdosta area" and I'm not sure how large that "area" might include, plus we are traveling in winter and with 2 young children, so if we don't make it to Valdosta being cheap will cost us extra.

You might check this site:
You can print off coupons and check to see if any are along your route.
Does Priceline have a "details" link for Valdosta area? If it does, it will bring up a specific geographic area you will be bidding on.
Another option is to pick up one of those coupon books at the rest area/travel center and go with one of those deals.
Good luck.


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