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Jun 3, 2007

You get Disney body gel and soap in the bathrooms of the Cheyenne.


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Jun 16, 2008
Thanks, DLPDaft. Body gel is like shower gel, yes? Not a body moisturiser?
  • DLPdaft

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    Jun 3, 2007
    Thats right tinkjon, its not a moisturiser.


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    Aug 6, 2008
    some pics from the hotel

    we stayed here from last thur till sunday

    it was great

  • J Marley

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    Jan 3, 2007
    We stayed at The Cheyenne from 4th -8th January 2009

    We found the rooms to be very comfortable and extremely warm which was a good thing as the snow soon fell and the frost started biting.

    We stayed in the Doc Holiday block on the first floor.

    I only wished I had taken the piccies before we started unpacking but sure it gives a more realistic view of the room

    The bunk beds

    The bathroom

    A beautiful snowy looking Cheyenne

    The Wyatt Earp block

    Breakfast here was the usual....croissants, pain au chocolate,bread rolls,ham,meats,cheese,cereals,plain yogurt,tinned fruit,juices and coffee.

    I did find that it was a calmer time to visit just after 7am when you could take your time before the rush.

    The hotel had brilliant themeing you really felt like you were planted in A Wild West town and my boys had great fun pretending they were cowboys.

    My only negative comment was there smelt like people were either smoking in their rooms or out in the corridors.I too am a smoker :rolleyes1 but would never dream of smoking in my room where my children slept or even in the corridors where other children would be.

    For the smokers there are great little benches to perch on outside where you can watch the world go by and not irritate other folks.

    I would certainly recommend this hotel to anyone and hopefully will return to it soon.


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    May 24, 2008
    We all loved this hotel too and even though we stayed at the Sequoia Lodge last week, we've all agreed that it will be back to the Cheyenne next time :thumbsup2 (until the lottery win when it will be the pink palace of course :rotfl: ). Would definitely recommend it to anyone.


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    Jun 19, 2008
    The Cheyenne really is a great place to enjoy your Disney holiday in, Chuck Wagon is very nice and organised at both breakfast and Dinner and Saloon is a lovely place to have a drink either inside or out.

    The theming really is the best i think and when we go back again Cheyenne will be at the top of my list. A lovely themed Hotel

    Here are some pics of the layout for those that want to look at this and plan ahead!

    Have fun, we did.

    We stayed in the Butch Cassidy and it took us 5 minutes to walk the other end of the ranch and a further 10-15 to walk to the park along the river. We found this fine and a very nice thing to do in the morning and evening to wind up or start the day

  • thelittlemermaid83

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    Aug 14, 2007
    Found a great video of all things Hotel Cheyenne.

    Hope this helps some people with there planning.

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    Jun 22, 2006
    We've just returned from Cheyenne, it was lovely as always. We stayed there two years ago and again now and it was great. Breakfast is a little chaotic but once you've sat down etc, it's all fine. They didn't bother looking at our breakfast cards for the time slot and were very very friendly.

    The room was nice and clean, not a lot of room but we didn't spend any time in the room apart in the night so ddin't care to be honest. The only thing I needed was clean room with clean towels and sheets and we got that. There was a note (in the bathroom) to leave our towels in the bathtub if we wanted to get new ones, we did that and got new clean towels every day.

    I would definitely stay there again and again!


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    Mar 13, 2003
    Fab video Emma - really well made too.

    In the 7 times we've stayed at the Cheyenne we've never seen the Fort, never looked for it either though! I think Lucas will enjoy it - there's sand too, his favourite!


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    Feb 9, 2008
    we got bac k yesterday from our stay at the cheyenne. i loved walking down the streets it looked lovely from outside. the theming inside is good too with a cowboy boot lamp and a wooden mirror with snaked wrapped around it.

    It is just basic though all you get is a bed, tv, lamp and a phone.

    We got 1 bar of soap and 1 small bottle of body wash which was never replenished. We got 4 towels per room which were replaced and the beds were made every day but thats as far as the cleaning goes. We had red all in bath and sink which we wiped off with a wet wipe, no idea why cleaners didnt do this but made me concerened if the bathroom was cleaned between guests. Our cleaner left hairs in the bathroom and loads in our sheets on the day they changed the sheets because dd spilt juice. We then had to get sheets ourselves and make it 11pm on our 2nd night it was disgusting the am ount of hair in our sheets.

    Our phone didnt work, tv only had french channels although on a few occasions we managed to pick up the disney channel in english.

    The character meets outside are good, they had 2 different characters every day changing every 30-40 mins.

    The kids corner had colouring sheets and pencils although no pencils had any lead in them which made loads of kids annoyed. They also show the disney channel here sometimes.

    None of the little ride on things outside the hotel worked again upsetting many kids.

    The evening buffet consisted off spare ribs, chicken wings, bbq sauce, wedges, salads, different meats in sauces etc and a desert buffet. You got 1 drink per meal which you need your recept for which I wasnt told about so went to get a drink and was told rather abruptly no voucher no drink

    Breakfast wasnt a scrum except Friday when it was manic. It consisted of pastries, ham, cheese, rolls, tinned fruit and natural yoghurt, apple sauce, juice and hot drinks (not tea). The toast machine took ages to make toast and most people just walked off leaving the toast.


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    Mar 13, 2003
    Here's the 2010 versions of the map and information on the back of the map:



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    Mar 30, 2005
    Quick review from our recent 6 night stay at Cheyenne. Our 4th stay at cheyenne, first time at Wyatt Earp. Room 1824 which meant we came out of room, out through the rear entrance/exit door and we were right by the shuttle drop off point.

    Noticed in the hotel that they have phone charging points, the ones where you pay per 5 minutes, I think it was one euro for 5 mins, the set up is almost like a little safe so you pop your phone in pay, take the key. There was a cabinet of about 6, I think each compartment was a different make eg Blackberry, Samsung etc. Only one pay per use internet PC there now, but still several telephones.

    Usual set up double and bunks, as there's no aircon we had window open and ceiling fan on all the time we were in the room and it did a reasonable job of keeping the room cool. We had 2 bedside lamps not working, a leaky tap and a temperamental tv, but we do only use the room to sleep and shower, so I didnt bother to mention it. We had a kettle in the room secured to the desk, so obviously meant to be there and extra pillows and towels were left when I requested them. Ice is plentiful from the machine in the launderette, but there's no ice bucket in the room, I used a carrier bag inside the bin as we were only using it to keep cans and bottles of soft drinks cool. There is a soft drink dispenser in the launderette too, 3 euros for a can! We spent a lot of money on soft drinks, much cheaper if you can remember to get them from the Relay shop at the station or pop into Auchan.

    Found it quite noisy at night. Because we were so near to reception we constantly had the noise of trolley cases passing by and the music plays at the saloon until midnight, added to this with Dreams being so late and people arriving back in the park, it was impossible to sleep before 12.30pm. With the windows closed this probably wouldn't be so much of a problem.

    Had 7.30 breakfast slots, never made it there before 8, but no problem going in late or getting a table. Usual selection, I wish they would get rid of the free for all yoghurt and bring back individual pots. No GMF breakfasts the week we were there:confused3

    We ate our evening meal at the Cheyenne one night too and it was one of the boys' favourite meals, I didn't eat a lot that night to be honest, but the buffet did seem well stocked, I had pork chops, veg and mashed potato, everyone else had a bit of everything, a lot of everything actually especially the desserts ! I on the other hand was really glad to see some fresh fruit and had an orange, a pear, some grapes and 2 apples that I took back to the room.
    You get a wristband and a voucher for a drink to be redeemed at the bar and they stress over and over that you can have as much food as you want and go up as many times as you want. Every now and then the CM's break into line dancing encouraging the kids to join in with them, which is nice. :)

    Ponies were out in the morning and the rides seemed popular.

    Cheyenne will always a favourite of mine, but it is in need of some TLC, I hope it's on the list for a refurb and wifi ASAP please :)


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    Feb 10, 2011
    Rack rate 1st April - 31st October 2015 - Thanks to DCP for the photo :flower3:



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    May 18, 2010
    Do the rooms have hairdryers and if not is it possible to rent a hairdryer from reception?

    Also do characters still meet at the Cheyenne?


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