Hopper? Navigator? None of the above?


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Oct 20, 1999
What's your choice for lugging your stuff?

I've moved upstairs for the winter, and it took me forever to get my stuff organized. Pretty soon it will be spring, and i'm dreading the move down again. So, I thought maybe I can become portable . . . so . . .

What do you all use?

Does it hold everything?

Can you pick it up after it's got stuff in it?

Thanks for your good advice!
I actually use a combination of products for my supplies. I attend crops at least twice a month so transporation is a must. I'm lucky that I have the Home Class tote from Creative Memories (consultant), but I also use the Fiskars Rolling Organizer (it holds my 12 x 12 stuff so well and organized). I then have a rolling luggage cart ($9.99 at Wal-Mart) that I carry my files (full of stuff) on. If I didn't have a home class tote, I would probably buy the Navigator. Good luck. Keep an eye out for those 40% off coupon for that big purchase!

DH got me the Navigator for Christmas and I LOVE it!!
I'll drop you a PM about the price he paid ( great deal!!)

I can fit everything in it and still have room for my new "goodies" that I keep bringing home. He also got me the Crop in style Paper Taker and it slip right on the top to travel....enough gushing ;)
Well, I have a whole scrapbook room, so my stuff is all spread out -- BUT I do have the Navigator for crops. I LOVE it.
I used to have the XXL, but when it was full, it was too heavy for me to lift in and out of my car! So I sold it and bought the Navigator instead. The Navigator is very sturdy, and if you pack it up right, it does hold a lot. It has a nice variety of pockets and compartments on the sides too. (The XXL had a lot of small pouches for punches and a lot of scissor loops, but if you had other small things instead, those pouches and loops were useless) -- anyway, the Navigator is not nearly as heavy when full as the XXL, so it is more manageable.
Is the Cropper Hopper the one with the mesh pockets on the sides? If it is, I have a few friends who bought it and the mesh pockets eventually ripped off. I have had good luck w/ the Navigator - it has gone to Maine a few times with me, LOL, and to many crops - it still looks great. HTH
I bought the Navigator thanks to your good advice, and can barely pick it up, stuffed! It looks so neat and cleared my shelves!


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