Honeymooning on the Fantasy SWDAS *Updated 2/15*

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    This is my third cruise trip report so I'm now 3 for 3 on my Disney cruises :) If you'd like to read them I have links in my signature.

    A little background info:
    This was my second of three honeymoons. I had a mini mini moon where we spent NYE at WDW. It was an amazing experience. This cruise was the mini moon, a week long cruise on the Fantasy with a Star Wars Day At Sea. Our big honeymoon is going to overlap with my 30th birthday in May. We are going to England and Scotland for two weeks, no Disney elements there so no trip report sadly.
    My DH proposed to me on our last Disney cruise on the Dream. I've only cruised on Disney with him and we were married at Disney so a Disney cruise made sense for one of the honeymoons. I've never been on the Fantasy before or experienced one of their themed days so I was very excited.


    I had booked this cruise shortly after signing all the papers with Disney back in January 2018. I had never booked a cruise that far out before. For our big honeymoon I changed that trip about 300 times before we finally settled on what we are going to do. For this cruise I never changed it once.

    The Honeymoon was finally here! January 4th 2019 we left after work to drive up to the port the night before the cruise left. We live about three hours south of the port and I didn't want to stress the day of in case we hit traffic or anything.

    My parents were leaving to go on a five month cruise to Australia the same day as us, so we had dinner with them and didn't get on the road until a lot later than planned. It worked out though, there was almost no traffic. We booked a one night stay at the Country Inn and Suites. It was a five minute drive from the port and they offered free parking at the hotel during the length of cruise, while providing a shuttle to take people to the port. Highly recommend!


    The hotel wasn't anything special, just a typical room with a horribly uncomfortable bed. It wasn't exactly leveled and I kept rolling into my DH when lying on it. There was a Star Wars movie marathon happening on the TV, which I thought was pretty appropriate to watch with the cruise we were about to take.


    Cruise day had finally arrived! After all the time planning this trip it was so exciting that it was finally here.

    A cold front had rolled through Florida and the weather was a bit chilly this morning.


    I didn't bring any warm clothes and was freezing until we got on the ship.

    Leading up to the cruise I had joined a Facebook group, something I had never done before. It was really great place to ask specific questions for our cruise. We did a cruise meet and greet and I hung out with many of the people on the ship. When I woke up I checked out what people were saying in the group and there was a long discussion happening about a car accident on the bridge leading toward to port.


    I felt so bad for whoever was in the accident. Apparently it was really bad, a car had flipped over and there were suitcases everywhere. They were clearly heading towards a cruise, not sure which one. Hopefully everyone involved is okay. Since it happened on the bridge it caused a lot of traffic and took people a lot longer to get to the cruise if they were going that way. We luckily avoided all that since we were at the hotel that was across that bridge.


    We had signed up for the 10:30am shuttle to go to the port. In hindsight, we should have signed up for the 10am shuttle. I had thought that would be too early and didn't want to wait around the port before boarding started. Then I woke up at 7am was ready to go way before 10am and the 10:30am shuttle was late. There was a lot of traffic getting into the port that he had sat in delaying his return trip to get us.

    The hotel had clearly labeled signs telling us where to go for the shuttle. When you check into the hotel they ask you what cruise you're going to and give you a paper has the phone number for the shuttle and the time you are scheduled for. The room was really full of people when we arrived, but the majority of them were going to the Carnival Breeze ship.

    Eventually the driver came and off we went.


    It took a little while for him to turn left out of the hotel due to traffic. So I took advantage and snapped a picture of the hotel sign.


    We got caught up in the cruise traffic and sat in a really long line of cars getting into the port.


    Then we made it!

    Forgot to mention, for this cruise we decided to splurge and travel in Concierge. We had sailed in it on the Dream and I was totally spoiled and not sure I can go back to a normal room. With the prices I'll probably have to unless I win the lottery.

    We walked through the massive crowd of people standing around and went over to the Concierge check-in room. After a few minutes we were whisked past the line of people and brought right onto the ship. If you've never sailed in Concierge before there are perks of avoiding all the crowds, from having a separate room to check-in to having a personal escort onto the ship.

    It was really fun being announced on the ship, although I haven't officially changed my last name yet. I figured with needing the passport for the cruise and the passport for our European trip I would just wait until after that to change my last name. It's a lot of effort!

    Once on board we were asked if we wanted to go have lunch or go to the Concierge lounge. They recently started having a concierge lunch in one of the MDR separate from the MDR open for lunch for everyone else. Since it was around 11am we opted to go to the concierge lounge. A lovely woman from South Africa escorted us to the elevator to send us up to the 12th deck. We would be seeing her again later on in the cruise.


    On the Fantasy concierge has a private lounge located on deck 12. It was pretty crowded with everyone going over their plans with the three concierge hosts. While we waited to speak with someone they offered us complimentary glasses of mimosas. Normally alcohol is only served in the later afternoon before the first and second dinners, but on welcome day they offer mimosas.

    Reached my picture limit, continued next post...

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    First day of honeymoon cruise continued

    Eventually one of the Concierge hosts came over to talk with us. They handed us a folder with our itinerary and any activities we had booked. We discussed if there was anything we wanted to change or if we needed anything else. I had done a lot of planning ahead of time so we didn't need anything at the moment.

    We were given this card:



    I thought this was really sweet. I had let the cruise know ahead of time that we would be celebrating our honeymoon. We were also wearing our Mickey and Minnie wedding ears. We wore them for the first two days of the cruise. Some people teased us about wearing them so often, but it was the last time we'd ever be able to wear them and I wanted to.


    The lounge offers snacks throughout the day. These were some of the offerings, I didn't like any of them.

    We were told our room was ready and we could go put our carry-on bags in there now if we wanted before lunch. The Concierge rooms try to be ready for when you board, which is really nice.

    We booked room 12506, which is a one-bedroom suite. This room was amazing and I highly recommend to everyone. For Concierge there are three different types of rooms you can book: The Royal Suites, which there are two of in the very front of the ship. These look amazing and have their own private hot tubs, but are also the most expensive. They were already sold out for my cruise when I booked, but I looked at the following week and for the two of us it would have been $25,000. Way too much for me to spend on a week long trip, but if I ever win the lottery I would totally book one of these. The One-bedroom suites I think are amazing and would be the only type I would book for concierge. The space is absolutely huge and that is one of the downsides for cruising for me is how tiny the cabins are. Our first Disney cruise my DH bumped into everything. The last room you can book is a standard verandah room. If you book this for concierge it is exactly the same as a normal verandah room except the furniture is nicer. For the cost I would rather sail in a normal room unless I could get the one-bedroom.


    Our bedroom. The walls around this open and closed. At night they would lock the walls shut and it would completely block out the morning light.


    Our sitting room. I had planned on having one of the MDR dinners in here, it's a perk of booking the one-bedroom suite, but they told us we could only order from the Royal Court, which was one of the rooms I really liked being in so we never ended up doing it.


    Our hallway. I love how big this room is. All those doors led to closets and the second bathroom.


    This room was on the bump out so we had an extra large balcony. This was really awesome and I had asked our room steward if we could have the long loungers that are by the pools. She said it wouldn't be a problem and would have them delivered later that day.


    The Norwegian Epic was docked next to us. It was chartered out this week according to the signs when we first pulled into port. I had considered booking a cruise on this ship for our trip in May, but ended up cancelling it since I've been to the Mediterranean a few times already.


    This was our first cruise sailing as Gold. I'm still only Silver, but my DH hit his 6th Disney cruise this trip. The large luggage tag was the Gold gift I believe, although the piece of paper said the backpack was. But we've gotten that before for Silver so that would be a little odd if that was now the Gold gift?

    We were a bit hungry so we decided to head down to the Royal Court for the concierge lunch. Just a bit of warning for this trip report, we ate A LOT on this cruise. Like the amount of food we consumed was ridiculous and I'm now on a hard core diet. I took a lot of pictures :)


    The menu for the Royal Court Concierge lunch. It apparently is supposed to have nicer items than the normal menu, not sure what the differences are though since we didn't go to the other restaurant. They also offered free alcoholic drinks and smoothies.

    Continued next post...
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    First day of honeymoon cruise continued


    Our drinks. My DH got a chocolate smoothie and I got a vodka cranberry.


    Back of the menu with the concierge logo.


    I got the beef empanada to start. This was the beginning of ordering way too much food for every meal we had. It was delicious! I had empanadas later on in the cruise that were also good, but this one was definitely better.


    My DH got the Salmon. He enjoyed this.


    We both got the potato and leek soup. I make this all the time at home and I do think mine is way better than this, but it wasn't bad.


    I think this might have been the only time I ordered steak on the cruise. Normally when I go on vacation I eat way too much filet mignon and was determined not to do this. I am also always disappointed by the main courses in the MDR and thought I'd try and branch out. This steak was just okay, not bad, but not great. My DH ordered the same and enjoyed it.


    Something we almost never do is order dessert when we go out. Cruises seem to force you into getting desserts, so here is DH. It was a chocolate lava cake. I had a bite and liked it a lot more than what I got.


    I got the oreo cheesecake. I had expected something different when I ordered this, it was mostly just oreo on top and a plain cheesecake underneath. It wasn't very good and I barely ate any of this.


    They have a big round table in the center of the room with fancier chairs. If I ever go with a large party I'd love to sit here.


    When we finished eating I decided to walk around and take pictures of the wall murals since I'd never be in here again with empty tables everywhere.

    I took a lot of pictures so continued in next post :)

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    First day of honeymoon cruise continued


    I think this one was my favorite, although I might be a little biased since I had a Cinderella themed wedding.




    This was a little hidden room that was Tiana themed.


    After lunch we went to explore the ship a bit.


    This was up the entire cruise, but I only saw it available to take pictures with on the Star Wars Day at Sea.


    I love the beautiful touches around this ship, it makes it so elegant.

    At 2:30pm we went to the Tube, which is one of the clubs located in the adult only area to have a meet and greet with people from our Facebook group. It was really fun meeting everyone in person. During the day, the adult only area is open to all ages.



    I love the themeing in this place, especially when I'm going to London soon. We went to a few adult only events located in here throughout the cruise.

    We slowly made our way back to our room for the mandatory lifeboat drill. After doing a bunch of cruises it does get old, but I do get why it's done for safety.


    While walking outside on deck 4 we saw the Carnival Breeze docked next to us. I've never sailed on Carnival before, but this ship looked like one of their older ones? It made me really happy to be on such a pretty ship.

    I hate the 10 picture limit. Continued next post.
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    First day of honeymoon cruise continued

    We headed back inside to make our way towards the Walt Disney Theater on deck 3, where our lifeboat drill location was. There was already quite a line by the time we made it over there.


    Love the chandelier and the whole themeing for the atrium. I think peacocks are beautiful animals and it's represented well here.

    After the lifeboat drill we went back to our room to watch the sail away from there.


    We found our loungers waiting for us when we got back. These were so awesome to have on our balcony. I spent a lot of time out here.


    The ship started to pull away.


    There were a lot of seagulls flying around as we started to make our way out to the ocean.


    A group of pelicans hanging out by the docks. These always remind me of Finding Nemo and the pelican that helped them out. I like the one pelican chilling on top of the truck.


    Our room was very far forward. We had one room next to us before the Roy Disney Suite. The part jutting out is the bridge.


    Pretty sun setting.

    It was after 5pm now so the free alcohol was now being offered in the lounge. DH went to go get me a drink. I had asked for a chocolate martini, which was apparently a very difficult request that they had almost no items to make it with. The guy working was apparently temping and we'd see him the next day leading our mixology. He went and found the ingredients to make my drink and it came out pretty good.



    I was enjoying my lounger as we sailed away. It's such a relaxing feeling being on a cruise knowing you have a whole week ahead of you.


    There was a funny reflection in our balcony glass that made the sun duplicate. Since this was a Star Wars cruise I thought it was very appropriate representation of the two suns on Tatooine.

    Continued next post...

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    First day of honeymoon cruise continued

    We had early dinner, which was every night at 5:45pm. Our first dinner was in Royal Court. We had an amazing location for our table next to a window.

    If you sail in concierge you are guaranteed a table alone unless you request to sit with others. This table was nice because it was big enough for five, but it was just the two of us.



    We had a really nice wait staff, but I swear they were trying to fatten me up. If I didn't order a million items they would bring double of something or act very concerned if I didn't like something. I do feel bad for them because those comment cards if you don't put excellent they will get in a lot of trouble. It's frustrating because you can't really be honest on them and there isn't a separate area for the food, because some of the food was terrible, but that wasn't the wait staffs fault and I wouldn't want them in trouble for that.


    So my plan with dining was to just order appetizers and no main courses because I have yet to like one. But they would get so concerned about me not ordering one I was kind of forced into them.




    The bread service. I really liked the dipping sauce and the specialty rolls were good, but the normal rolls were terrible. Like rock solid and if you tried to break them open they made a huge mess. We just stopped trying to eat them and probably should have said something about leaving them out of the baskets, but I just thought of this so that didn't happen.


    Are table number stand was so cute.


    I got the escargot, which was delicious in the garlic butter sauce. It weirds me out that these are snails, so I try not to think about it when I eat them. I've only tried them on cruises, they have always been served the exact same way and the same tray so I have no idea what they are like if ordered in a normal restaurant.


    Both DH and I order the Lobster and shrimp. This was really good as well, served chilled. I do wish it had a bit more lobster.


    For the soup course I got the potato and leek soup again. I thought it tasted exactly as it did when I had it for lunch.

    Continued next post...
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    First day of honeymoon cruise continued

    DH did not want the same soup so he went with his usual favorite. The French Onion Soup.


    He enjoyed this a lot.


    For the main course I got the vegetarian pasta option. It was pretty good, but the broth was a little weird with this, especially since I usually like Parmesan cheese with pasta.


    DH couldn't decide between two main courses so he ended up getting both. He got the lamb and steak and liked both.



    I was beyond stuffed. I don't normally eat this much food on a normal day and I've been doing a lot of wedding dieting so this was food overload. I do love creme brulee and decided to order that.


    Our server thought she'd be nice and give me two since they are so good! I felt so full I'd throw up and she suggested I keep the second one for breakfast in the morning. I did bring it back, forgot about it for a few days, all the hard sugar melted which is weird and I ended up never eating it.


    DH got the souffle and loved it.


    Our first towel animal of the cruise. I thought it was pretty cute.

    To end our first day on the cruise I turned on the TV to see what movies we had on demand. We decided to what the Mamma Mia sequel. I thought it was good, although not as good as the original.


    Wow! I posted a lot for the beginning of this trip report! I just kept going and took so many pictures this got really long fast. I'll probably break up the other days instead of doing it all at once. I'm going to Disney for this weekend so will post more when I get back!

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    What a great start!
    Glad you splurged for your honeymoon with Concierge! The room is beautiful.
    All that yummy food! I agree about the hard dinner rolls they are awful.
    My favorite spreads are the roasted red pepper and olive tapenade YUM!

    We leave in Broward, I hear you about the traffic, especially Palm Beach area, the worst!
    We like to head up the night before too.
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    Following along! Love reading about your honeymoon cruise. It’s especially fun, since we were on this cruise, too!

    I’m surprised we never ran in to you. We skipped the FB meet in the Tube to go to the DVC welcome meet (free drinks!). We were on the same dining room rotation as you, so I’m really shocked our paths didn’t cross.

    Can’t wait to read more! Sounds like your cruise started out perfectly. Time to get started on my TR now, haha!
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    Jan 22, 2013
    Looks like a wonderful start! Following along on your adventure.
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    Oct 22, 2006
    1) YAY FSU!!!
    2) I'm sailing on the Fantasy this summer for my first cruise - definitely NOT concierge! Looking forward to your trip report.
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    I'm enjoying your trip report! We were on the same cruise.

    So now that you said that Norwegian Epic cruise was chartered, it makes more sense. When we passed that ship, it was the loudest group of partiers I've seen on a ship!
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    Mar 26, 2018
    Following along!!

    Oh my goodness, a five MONTH cruise???? Wow!
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    Apr 15, 2003
    Following along, too! Great pics!
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    Joining in!
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    joining in also!
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    That room has totally spoiled me with cruising, it'll be so hard going back to a tiny cabin after it. Those were delicious spreads for the breads, I don't know why they have to make the normal rolls rock hard it's a bit ridiculous. I live in Broward county too, traffic is always bad lol so going up the night before is good for the peace of mind.

    I think it's so fun to read a different perspective on the same cruise, I'll have to check out your TR. There are a lot of people on the ship and so many different places to be at the same time, we were easily spotted with our wedding ears on the first couple days. It was a great start to our honeymoon :)

    It was! :welcome:

    Go Noles :) Have fun on your cruise! My first Disney cruise a couple years ago was no in concierge and I had a blast. The Fantasy is a great ship.

    How fun that we were on the same cruise! Ya, I think they were preparing the ship for concerts when we were leaving the port, I kept seeing huge cranes putting stuff up on their top deck. Definitely a whole ship filled with partiers lol.

    Welcome! Ya, my parents are retired so they cruise all the time. My mom isn't a fan of flying so they decided on a cruise that'll take them to Australia and back without having to get on a plane. I love cruising, but I don't think I could be on a ship that long.

    Thank you :) I took a lot of pictures!


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    Oct 20, 2016
    Sunday January 6th - Day at Sea

    I love the first real day of a cruise, you are finally on vacation and it's set in that you're on a cruise ship heading off to exotic locations! This day was a day at sea as we headed off towards Mexico. My amazing DH brought my breakfast in bed from Cabanas. I like to sleep in and be a bit lazy in the mornings and on vacations he's really great bringing me food. I didn't even see Cabanas until almost the end of the trip, but ate from there almost daily.


    This was what I ate most mornings, I like putting the butter on the bagel and then the scrambled eggs on top and eating it like a sandwich.


    My DH's plate. He loves the Mickey waffles. I had the hash browns a few times, but they were really greasy and reminded me of something you'd get from McDonald's, which was a little disappointing.

    I saw in the navigator that they were doing a walking tour of the ship this morning and wanted to join it. This one was an adult only version, there was another that was for all ages a little later that I had planned as a backup in case I hadn't woken up in time. My body unfortunately did not understand I was on vacation so I was up around 7am every day (which I guess is sleeping in for me since I have to wake up at 5:40am every day for work)


    The tour started in Meridian, so I snapped a few pictures before everyone got there. This bar is located on deck 12 in the back of the ship in between the two adult only restaurants: Remy and Palo.


    The outside deck here is meant for cigar smoking and the design of this bar matches a cigar bar.


    I popped outside real quick to get a picture of the ocean behind the ship. I just love the trail the ship leaves, I think it is so beautiful.

    The tour was a lot of fun, the woman who led the tour was named Nikki, I think the only name of a crew member I remember (I am terrible with names, but she has two of my cousins names so it was easy to remember) She was fun and energetic and the tour was very educational with a lot of unknown facts to me. She took us into Palo and explained the glass chandelier when you first walk in was designed to look like pasta. We went to the Skyline lounge, which is one of the adult only bars at night, and explained about how the images change every fifteen minutes to another country. Apparently in one of the countries there is a party happening in a building with a bunch of Star Wars characters. She said it was designed before they fully had the rights to Star Wars and the imagineers wanted to sneak it in. I never could find it, so if you know which country it is in I'd love to hear! She also told us that in one country Mickey Mouse shows up in a window and waves. I did find him, pictures later :)

    The tour ended and we wandered into Tiffany's to look around. I think the store had just opened when we walked in and they offered us truffles and a free glass of mimosa. We went back into Skyline to enjoy our drinks and relax. We went in the bar often during the day, it's dark and quiet and there is almost no one in there during the daytime since the bar isn't open. I really liked watching the skyline change countries and tried to see them all. I think I missed only two.


    Paris skyline with my Mimosas :) The cool thing about the skyline is it isn't a stationary picture, it is like you are really there looking out a window into that city, with cars and people moving around. They play music that is in the language of the current country you're in.


    It switched to Athens while we were sitting there. I decided I was hungry and asked my DH if he'd be a gem and go up to the pool deck and get me some pizza. Since he's awesome he did so without complaint.


    Enjoying my pizza as the skyline changed again. I think this was Barcelona.


    I'm a slow drinker, this was the same free mimosa from earlier that I brought out to deck four to enjoy.


    We went back to the concierge to hang out for a bit. I always liked stopping by to see what snacks they had out. Most times this was a very quiet place, with only a couple people in here at a time.

    Continued next post...

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    Oct 20, 2016
    Sunday January 6th - Day at Sea Continued


    The door in the upper left corner leads out to some stairs that go up to the private sun deck. We went up there a few times to enjoy the hot tub.


    This event has to be my favorite thing on Disney cruises. Jack Jack's Diaper Dash. If you don't know what it is, it's amazingly hilarious to watch and definitely don't skip it when you cruise. Babies are entered into a race to see who can make it across the finish line first. The rules are that the baby can only crawl, not walk. They said that if your baby stands up and takes it's first steps in front of everyone the crowd will cheer, there will be tears and then they will disqualify the baby! LOL. The babies don't really know what's going on so it is really adorable watching them crawl all over the place.


    The race happens in the atrium on deck 3. We got a spot along the railing on deck 4 to have a good viewing location.


    While waiting I took a few pictures of the hidden designs located in the atrium. There are peacocks in the swirling designs where the elevators come up.


    Along with some hidden Mickey's.


    There were either not a lot of crawling babies on this sailing or they were all taking a nap, but only three babies entered. If there are a lot they usually do a couple rounds, so instead they found three teenage guys to compete in the crawling. It was pretty funny to watch, I wasn't expecting them to crawl backwards like they did.


    Finally it was baby time! They did two rounds. This one was with all three and then the two fastest would compete after to see who the winner was.


    To illustrate that the babies don't really know what's going on, the finish line is to the right of that picture. The babies were so cute though, when they were start going off in the right direction the crowd would start cheering and the baby would get scared and go back towards the beginning. They let you have one parent at the end to try and entice them to come over to you. I don't remember which of these two won, but it was super cute. I totally have baby fever right now and hope to get pregnant soon. I fully intend to bring my crawling baby on a Disney cruise to compete in this race.

    We had to run off as soon as it finished since we had a 2pm Mixology class back in Meridian and the race ended at 2.

    Up next, lots and lots of drink making :)
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    Dec 11, 2008
    Love Jack Jack's diaper race!

    Beautiful Sunday morning!!!

    Wow, Mom & Dad's cruise sounds amazing. What a way to see Australia!
    Does the ship return back to Port Canaveral?
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