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Oct 4, 2001
I need your help...Ive stayed at both POLY and GF, but so long ago that I cant quite remember either and my fiancee has never stayed anywhere on WDW grounds...

On that note - to those of you who have stayed at BOTH of these resorts which would you stay at for a 2 week honeymoon and why????

Thanks - your expertise is greatly appreciated!!

Hi Christine! Personally I would split your stay between the Grand Floridian and the Yacht Club. Both are beautiful resorts and you will enjoy the benefits of both with a week at each.

The GF is on the monorail and very convenient for the MK, while the YC is in the heart of the Epcot resorts area and convenient to Epcot, MGM and the Boardwalk. The GF is Disney's "flagship" resort and is quietly elegant with lovely grounds and great restaurants. The YC has a charming upscale nautical feel and is my favorite resort.

Good luck deciding, and happy honeymoon! :)
If you are going to spend a lot of time at Epcot I would recommend also splitting your stay as the monorail ride from the GF to Epcot can take you 45min to 1 hour.

Between GF and Poly I would choose the GF. I like the grounds at the poly but don't care too much for the decor. That is just a personal opinion
We honeymooned at WDW and split our stay between the BC and WL.

We liked spliting our trip up so much we do it on most of our trips.

I like Michelles idea of spliting the trip between GF and YC, more specifically the idea of staying on both the Monorail loop and closer to Epcot. And with 2 weeks on property I don't think you will feel like you just unpacked and have to pack up again.

Wow a 2 week honeymoon, very nice!

I would also split your stay between an MK resort and an Epcot resort. GF would be awesome for a week and they have the spa right there which may be really nice for your honeymoon. Any Epcot resort too would be great. I love dining in all the countries and it is such an easy walk to go in and have dinner when you are staying right there.

Have fun planning!
Hi. I had my honeymoon at GF in Oct. It was wonderful!! GF is my favorite resort. I had stayed at GF before, but my new husband had never stayed on site. He is now a GF fan and suggests it to everyone. We visited Poly while we were there. It was very nice, but not us. The room theming just wasn't us either. That said, I know I lot of people love Poly. I think it is really a matter of personal taste. I would go to a book store with books on Disney and look at the pics. I would also check out the GF and Poly site here that DISers have created. Also, www.wdwig.com is a wonderful site with info and pictures.
I also agree that you should stay at both the GF and the YC! the best of both worlds!!! :)

we spent our 2 week honeymoon at the GF! it was fabulous! truly romantic! had we known how wonderful the YC is we would have split it up too! I have stayed at the GF 4 times, the YC twice, and the Poly three times, and I say definately the GF and the YC! they are both incredibly beautiful, elegant, romantic, yet comfortable and inviting! perfect for a honeymoon!

the GF is the ultimate in victorian elegance! a must for a honeymoon! but switch the following week or vice versa to the YC! the theming is incredible and the cm's are the best! plus being over at the epcot resorts is wonderful! there is sooooo much to do over there! makes perfect sense for a honeymoon couple, you can hang out at the BW at night, go to jellyrolls, atlantic dance, espn club, or to a lounge or night club at the swan/dolphin! you will haev a great time!!!
there is no nightlife at all at the MK side except maybe a nightcap at mizners lounge.

Laura :)

there are tons of books out there for WDW. But from a honeymoon point of view we like...

Walt Disney World for Lovers
Walt Disney World for Couples
Congratulations on your upcoming wedding and two week Disney honeymoon! It sounds wonderful!!!:D

Basically, I'm writing to agree with the previous posts. My husband and I spent a near perfect anniversary week at GF in October. It was the first time at a monorail resort for us and we really enjoyed it. Three more plusses to that resort vs the Polynesian...king size beds in standard rooms (opt for a MK view if you can swing it!), several terrific romantic restaurants and the spa (we enjoyed daily work-outs and splurged for a couples massage;) )

We've never stayed at the Yacht Club, but have really enjoyed our stays at the BWV and BC. As previously mentioned, you can't go wrong with the location...we really enjoy the walk to both Epcot and MGM and romantic dining options are abundant at the Epcot resort area.

Again, congratulations. Let us know where you decide to stay!:cool:



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