Hilton Grand Resort--time share deal--anyone done it?

Discussion in 'Budget Board' started by Vacation Lover, Apr 12, 2010.

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    Oct 29, 2006
    Got a call today for a great deal on the Hilton Resort (website here). It was something like $389 for a 2 bedroom villa for 6 nights plus $100 gift certificate, but I decided to pass for various reasons. Wondering if anyone has ever done this, and what the "tour" consists of. The resort looks beautiful and is very close to Disney, but the whole time share thing turns me off.
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    Feb 26, 2010
    :wave: HGVC owner here! I actually own at the HGVC property in Las Vegas, but I've stayed at two of the three Orlando properties and so far, I've liked them both.

    The presentation will likely consist of you getting a walking tour of the property, followed by the hard sell from one or more of their TS sales team. If you've got an iron stomach and the ability to say "NO!" until you're blue in the face, you'll likely be fine. It'll take you anywhere from 90 minutes to three hours, depending on how desperate they are and your ability to stick to your guns about not purchasing a unit (unless of course, you really fall in love with HGVC or something).

    I am actually a quite happy HGVC owner; it fits our lifestyle pretty well. We use it when we want to and bank the points (or give them to family / friends) when we don't. We're actually using our TS for our WDW trip this year - we're booked into a 3-bedroom villa at the Sea World property. It's ideal for us, as we've got a large group going. We'll still need to call during the 30-day "open season" window to see if we can book another suite, but I don't think we'll have too many problems with it.

    It looks like you're going to the I-Drive property. It's a very nice, more upscale HGVC than the Sea World property, which is more family-friendly (IMO, anyway). It's close to lots of shopping - a plus in my book. The Sea World property caters more to kids, with nice pools and lots of activities.

    Overall, our experience with Hilton as a timeshare vendor has been positive. The yearly maintenance fees can be a tad steep ($800+ some years) but you've got some good flexibility. You can trade into RCI properties (including DVC) and Hilton itself has lovely properties. I'm from Hawaii and I can tell you that their Big Island property was gorgeous. The Vegas properties are also very nice. You can "bank" your unused points for a processing fee, a nice way of saving them up for a longer vacation or larger suite. You can also get "open season" rooms, which are rooms at a reduced rate that you book 30 days out from your departure date. A Sea World one-bedroom suite that sleeps four and has a full kitchen is going to run us about $80ish per night this June.

    Timesharing isn't for everyone but so far, we've liked it. :)


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