Hi there! Question on organizing hotel room?


Earning My Ears
Oct 14, 2019
Hi there. Happy to be a part of the boards!

I know from other groups I’ve been in people have wonderful ideas for easy ways to organize the hotel/villa room so it’s more efficient (shoe organizer on a door for toiletries, other tips or hacks, etc.). But I was wondering if there is a board/forum/thread (not sure of the right word) where I might find those kind of tips and tricks (potentially with pics).



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Oct 15, 1999
Hi and welcome. I don't have any photos, but I've been a frequent traveler for many years and "organizing" my hotel rooms is a kind of hobby of mine LOL! It's funny that over the years, I've started bringing less and less, and traveling lighter and lighter. I used to bring over the door shoe holders, over the door toiletry bags, and etc. Then they started to feel like "too much", and now, my best tips are:

1. UNPACK completely. Take everything out of your suitcase and carry-on and put it away. Hang clothes, and put them away in drawers, just like you would at home. Same for your toiletries and items you only use in the bathroom like hairdryer if you bring one. Put everything out. I usually take one of the face towels or washcloths and lay it out on the bathroom sink counter and organize all my makeup and other toiletries there, and I put away the cases I brought them in. I know, this sounds more like "disorganizing" than "organizing", but I have found that it's much easier for me than digging things out of cases and hanging "organizers". I put the shampoo, soap, razor, conditioner that I brought straight into the shower. I put my hairbrush and hairdryer right out on the sink counter, etc. etc.

2. Don't pack anything "just in case." While packing I am ruthless in my decision-making. If it's not FOR SURE that I'm going to use something, I just don't pack it. In reality you "need" very little on a trip. Even if you are going to Disney for 2 weeks (most people don't really stay any longer than that, so I'm assuming you are not), you don't need every single thing you use at home.

3. Bring a pop-up laundry hamper. Bring two of these if you have kids along. They take almost zero room in your suitcase and have tremendous value for helping the room stay organized!! When you leave you'll doubtless have plenty of plastic bags from souvenir shopping, so just transfer the laundry from the hampers to those when you pack to go home, fold up the hampers, and you are good to go.

4. If you are going to eat or drink anything in your room, and/or have refillable mugs or any utensils with you do this: Buy some cheap plain ordinary sponges at the dollar store. Squeeze some dishwashing liquid all over the sponges and let them dry for 24 hours. Cut the sponges into little squares (I usually cut a regular sponge into 8 squares). When dry, put the sponges in a ziploc bag. Easy to pack, and now you have pre-loaded soapy sponges to wash out your refillable mugs or anything else you need to wash in your room (also works for small laundry items!) You can even reuse these sponges. I have washed refillable mugs for a whole week using only two of them (probably put too much soap on each one LOL)

Hope these are helpful. How long are you going for? Where are you staying? (INquiring minds want to know :) ) Have fun!!


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