HH Studios - can you get them with 2 Queen beds?

Thanks, spiceycat. One other thing, since I see you are from Birmingham, do you ever drive to WDW? We are from AR, just north of Memphis, Tn, and we have always flown. I am considering driving to WDW in June, taking HWY 78 out of Memphis to Birmingham. How long does it take to get there from Birmingham? thanks!
I am strange - I take my cat with me - he requires longer rest stops than you would - it takes us from 10 to 12 hours - you can probably do it in 9 to 10 hours depending how often you stop and where. I have done it in 9 hours (without him), and someone else says that they can drive from there in 8 hours. (I don't think I drive that fast) - it is about 581 miles the route I take.

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