Earning My Ears
Apr 26, 2000
Well I have had reservations with "Tiffany Towncar Service" for months now. We arrive in Orlando tomorrow night. When I called to confirm our pickup time,this A.M.,I get a messege that the party being called will not answer because my phone number is blocked?????Anyways do these guys excist or what,any other suggestions?
Have you emailed them? That was the only way I corresponded with them last Spring and they were very prompt in their responses.
Whats their e-mail address,their web page will not come up. Thanks!

I got through to them via the phone (would not work earlier)all is well in "Miller-Land"!! :cool:
you have to dial that 1st then you will get a dial tone again then you dial their # & will be able to get thru. You probably have a unlisted # & they have caller ID.


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