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    Apr 16, 2006
    I need motivation/ideas!!!!

    I am 24 yo, weigh 270lbs and am only 5'. I was 130lbs when i left H.S in '99. By the time i got married in '02 i was 210. Very sad. and then in 3 years I have put on another 70. I need to lose the weight. I would like to have kids someday and I can't while I'm this heavy. I have had all the tests and there is nothing medically that can explain this gain. I know I need to eat better, but I'm not hungry all the time. I know I need to get moving, but it hurts. I dont know what I can do to motivate myself to do this and stick with it.... any suggestions? I am going to join ww online. I have done that before and it helps. Meal plans would be good, but there are many things I dont like so its hard....

    Help? :worried:

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