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  1. Frank4202

    Frank4202 Mouseketeer

    May 8, 2014
    In a couple weeks, we will be heading to WDW where I can ask my girlfriend to become my wife. We are not the most sociable people nor do we prefer attention. Therefore, my plan was to propose on the Poly beach during Happily Ever After with the fireworks going off in the background. However, if it rains and the fireworks are cancelled, I need a plan B. So far, my plan B was a gazebo at the Beach Club.

    Honestly, she wont care where I do it but Id like kinda be outta the spot light. That means not really in a park.

    Does anyone else have any other suggestions?

    Thank you!
  2. Karin1984

    Karin1984 DIS Veteran

    Feb 5, 2012
    Are you sure she doesn't care? Even if she says that, I would really try to make sure the proposal says something about you as a couple. Otherwise you could just pop the question while doing the dishes.
    Is there a place outside the parks that has a special meaning to you two? Memorable nights in a hotel, a restaurant or at Disney Springs? If you have a hotel room with park view, maybe order room service and do it in the privacy of your own room. Also works without the view, but you then still have a park connection. Order a personalized cake for desserts.
    Or what does she like, if she's an animal lover, you might want to go for the savanne at Animal Kingdom lodge. I believe there are some areas where you can overlook the savanne from covered spaces.
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  4. Piglet843

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    Jan 18, 2006
    My husband proposed to me under the castle one night after fireworks. No one else knew what was going on, we were enjoying our trip, walking along, and he just stopped and dropped :) I don't think anyone else even noticed. It was perfect - for us....
  5. Frank4202

    Frank4202 Mouseketeer

    May 8, 2014
    Shes only been to WDW 3 times (all since we started dating) so we dont really have a personal spot as shes still seeing new things.
    We are staying at POP so no park view hotel. Do they still do the Rapunzel photo op? Thats her favorite movie and I know she was really looking forward to doing that. Maybe that could be a good Plan B.

    That does sound nice and something we would like. Thanks for the suggestion.
  6. Wild4Walt

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    Jul 28, 2008
    Here's a few ideas both good weather and rainy:
    • Good - the gardens in England during the day - if the band isn't playing it's typically pretty private back there.
    • Good - BC at night - beautiful, romantic twinkling lights by Stormalong Bay. Again, typically quiet at night and not a ton of people right in the area.
    • Bad - Nine Dragons at Epcot - my brother got engaged here. He had a special fortune cookie made up saying Will You Marry Me and worked with the staff to have them present her with the fortune cookie at the end of the meal to make it a surprise.
    • Bad - AKL at one of the many terraces - these are pretty private, offer protection from the rain ( unless it's torrential ) and have stunning views.
    If she had a favorite ride, you could consider doing it on the ride if it's just a 2 seater ( like Haunted Mansion or TTA ) or in the general area of the ride for photo ops.
  7. ALegrande

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    Jan 18, 2017
    We got engaged on Poly beach! It was at sunset after we went to the Luau dinner show, but still amazing! The staff at Poly made us feel SO special afterwards when we went for drinks at Trader Sams (free mickey and Minnie cupcakes, free glasses of champagne, real-flower leis). It was seriously one of the best days of my life! Hope the weather holds out for you <3 share back with us on here how it went if you remember!
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