Help with plan for 2.5 day trip


Jul 12, 2009
We are WDW regulars, but heading to DLP for the first time mid-October. We arrive on the Eurostar about 15:00 on Saturday and leave about 19:00 on Monday. Kids are 11 and 14. We are ride junkies and like shows too, but have zero interest in characters and parades. Indiana Jones and RnR will be closed while we are there. What would you suggest as a basic plan of attack in terms of hitting the most popular rides. Specifically, where would you head on our first day since it will be later already, and where would you head at the start of Sunday and Monday morning. We are onsite so using EMHs. I'm also familiar with WDW's old paper FP system, so I think I understand DLP's. Just trying to figure out which rides to hit first and which FPs to grab early. Then as the day goes on and crowds build, we'll fill the time with the easier to get on rides. Thanks!


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Feb 5, 2012
You are arriving at one of the busiest times of the weekend, so I would just see what has short lines, or depending on the schedule see the last Halloween show and the Parade. Next day start in the Studios for EMH, ride whatever is available and when the park opens get in line for Crush immediately. On Monday start the EMH in Disneyland park, hit all the highlights, Big Thunder Mountain, Peter Pan, Space Mountain and Buzz are all open during EMH. Then when the park opens either get FPs for these rides (as these are the most interesting ones to use FP on), and depending on your preferences go for Star Tours in Discoveryland or Phantom Manor in Frontierland or Pirates in Adventureland.

Maybe this thread helps to determine which rides have your preference:


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