Help with Disneymoon ideas on a budget.


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Feb 4, 2001
Hi everyone!
I have been reading the boards for about a week now and I think this is the right place for me to get some help.
In August my FH and I will be honeymooning at Port Orleans for 6 days/5 nights.
We have only been to Disney once and absolutely got sprinkled with pixie dust!!!! I need some romantic ideas that will not break the bank.
We would like to spend $100 a day and plan on buying some groceries when we get to Orlando. (Mostly snacks and breakfast foods) We will have a rental car so we could even go off-site.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!

Make a dinner reservation at Ohana's at the Poly and plan a romatic walk around the grounds and catch the fireworks over the castle from the beach. Happy Disneymooning. Make sure you purchase the Mickey ears with the bride and groom motif. I saw honeymooning couple all over in Aug having a great time and getting to the fromt of the line. I thought it was cute, something you can remember when your married 20 years with 2 kids in college and back to no money again.
Go for the small refrig in your room to chill down some wine and keep the milk for your cereal cold.

Kurt from MI

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Ohana's must be very good because I've heard a lot about it on here. We never ate anywhere nice when we were there. I definitely want some nice meals!! Do they have a wide variety of food?

Thanks for the idea about the fridge. That will help a lot.

Kim :)
Especially the Restaurants board, and Disney Tips boards for great ideas (and of course here at the Budget Board)

We also swear by "The unofficial Guide to WDW" a book, get the 2001 edition. You can find it at most book stores or order online.

Also, for the nice but expensive restaurants we want to try, we will often do a late lunch, prices are less expensive I think until about 3:00. To save money and still afford to eat at some nice places, we'll do the breakfast in the room thing, have our big meal as a late lunch, and have something light for dinner. Since you'll have a car, you might want to check out some places outside of the World.


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Hey - What can I say? Offsite gets me there every year.
It has been posted here that the campfire in Fort Wilderness is a cheap way to spend an evening,they sell s'more fixings or can bring your own. they show one or two disney movies each night. Can't remember for sure but I think some character can be seen there,too!

First congrats and you will have a great diseymoon! Now if you want to be romantic on a budget then i am your man. My now wife and I spent our honeymoon at disney in dec of 99. We were able to stay at the WL in a woods view room and every night were able to see the fireworks from our room every night. But we are going back in Dec of this year and staying at the PO because i have heard that it is very special. The one thing that we did that was inexpensive and unforgetable was a fireworks cruise into the lake at epcot and saw the illuminations fireworks up close and from the water. Our boat captain pulled us up to the bridge connecting i think france and britian ( we were right there). It was awsome and the cost was about $120 and well worth it. Now if that sounds like alot there are many cruises that are less expensive. THE MAIN THING you MUST do is tell the Cast members that it is your Honeymoon and they will do all they can to make it special for you and it will cost you nothing! Belive me I am the king of budget because i am a teacher and my wife is still in school. IF you need anymore info on things we did please feel free to emil me at


Thanks for all the great suggestions. I can see that I will need to buy a Disney travel book. There are so many things I never even knew existed until you all mentioned them.

Thanks so much,
I agree with Chells about the "Unoffical Guide to Walt Disney World". Also buy the Disney one (Birnbaum). I believe they have a special "for couples" version. I vote for Teppanyaki dinning rooms in Epcot Japan pavilion. You will be seated with other guests, but it is fun and different. Chells is right about the times for PS times. Before 4:00 pm the prices will be much lower, but the food the same. ;) Also, try dessert at the California Grill at the Contemporary around fireworks time at MK. It is too expensive for dinner, but dessert won't be bad and you get a good view of fireworks with the music from the park piped in!

On our honeymoon 11 years ago we went to the Hoop-De-Doo Revue at fort Wilderness--not very romantic, but fun. They asked for honeymooners to get up and dance. It's hokey, but cute. We stayed at the Caribbean Beach Resort and loved coming back after a day in the parks to a late night swim--we usually had the pool to ourselves. Enjoy yourself while it's just the two of you! These days our vacation is spent riding Small World with our kids for the hundredth time (which is also great,but in a different way!!) :)
There is a post on the ThemeParks and Attraction Board referencing sharing an Illuminations cruise. You may want to check it out. I think that the post about late dinner in special restaurants is good advice. Last summer we could only get a 3PM seating in Cindy's Castle for Lunch. It turned out to be great hardly anyone was there we had great service and by the time we were finished it was about 5:30-6. My son who is 15 and a great eater was full till around 9PM remakable for him and what would have cost us atleast $150 for dinner and desert only ran us $100 pretty great for 4 adults.
You all are so great!!!! Maybe we can take everyone with us. LOL

Thanks for all the advice,


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