Help with a design for my husband's and my 50th birthday, please.


May 27, 2006
I am out of practice! I took my kids to WDW, DL and Disney Cruise over the course of a dozen years a single mom. I loved every one of those trips, but the last one was 2012.

Now, my kids are out of the house--one in college and one already graduated from college. Last year, I remarried, and my sweet hubby and I will both be turning 50 (him on Jan 9 and me on Dec 9).

We have decided to celebrate our 50th bdays with an adults only trip to WDW! I've never been without my kids and he hasn't been since he was a 4 year old himself!

So, I'd love to have a couple of designs that I could put on our hotel room door (do people still do that?). We will be staying at AKL. AND, I'd love to have something we can print on matching t-shirts.

I have no idea where to start with this request. Please point me in the right direction. :-)


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