Help! Was E-Mailed...Check Has Not Arrived!


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Aug 16, 1999
How will we know when it does get there????I mailed out my check last Wed.....Jan 31st! from Mass I should not take that long! If It has not gotten there.....can you let me know?? and then what happens??



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I also have the same concerns. He said something along the line of us getting some kind of paperwork after the actual room reservations were totaled. Like as in how many people were making the room reservations. I wasn't real clear on it. I know that I am also holding my breath till I get something from somone telling me that my place is reserved and they have rcv.d my $$$ deposit :) Gerri

Yikes! :eek:

I had the same concerns about Pete getting my check...I called the bank yesterday and he has cashed it :) or someone else has :D <IMG WIDTH="15" HEIGHT="15" SRC="/infopop/emoticons/icon_redface.gif" alt="red face"> Hope it was Pete. ;)

But yes, he did say somewhere else that once we went to contract that he would mail (or maybe e-mail) something out to everybody! So I am thinking that something will be in the snail mail or e-mail the week after the 12th. :)

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You can email me at please let me know your real (LOL) first and last name and I will check your reservation for you. I will also be emailing everyone starting next week (not everyone on the same day) to confirm that your reservation is correct and get additional info if needed.

thanks :)


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So then I should just hold off on possible changes and questions specific to our reservation until after I get your email?

Sounds fine with me. It's not like I don't have another 270 Days left anyway. :eek:

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Go ahead, send a message to I dare 'ya. :D
Me too! I got the E-mail this morning and have been worrying about it all day. I sent my check out last week and was surprised to find that it hadn't arrived yet.

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I hope that means that they got it! :) I hadn't taken the time to count how many days till we are going. Thanks for doing the Math! I've decided NOT to tell the kids EXACTLT when we are going. I'm going to start packing this summer, then one morning I'll wake them up and say, "wake up, we're going to WDW today!" Sound like fun?



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