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  1. Wayneman117

    Wayneman117 Earning My Ears

    Nov 11, 2010
    Hello everyone....
    Been awhile since I posted on here. We went to WDW back in April of
    2011 and had a wonderful time.Got some great tips from alot of you guys
    on here that really helped our trip.
    Now, we're getting ready for 2013(March) and we're considering going
    to Seaworld and Universal Studios.We're thinking about staying alittle bit
    longer on this trip than we did at WDW in hopes that we might be able to
    slow down somewhat (8 days?)
    Once again,this is a FAMILY TRIP (4 ppl) w/ my 2 kids 10/7.
    We wanted to see and do as much as possible.We weren't going do the
    EXCLUSIVE PARK EXPERIENCEs..Mostly rides and shows.
    BTW-looking to get the Orlando Flex ticket* (5 parks) Does this include
    the EXHIBITS? If much time should I allow to see the Seaworld
    park throughly? Also,I understand with the Flex Ticket, you can come and
    go from park to park as U wish...that correct? And like I said, we did want
    to do MOST rides and shows.
    Also,the hotel/ticket combo packages on the Seaworld website seem to be
    priced alot better than if you bought everything separate,least thats the
    way it seems...whats your take?
    Going forward,whats the best way to handle parking?
    Hotel...we're considering about 10 (especially Hilton Orlando) would like to
    be really close to Seaworld and Universal. Any recommendations?
    Thanks for any insight, I know thats alot of questions...answer what ya
    like. :rolleyes1
  2. Gina-Gina-Bo-Bina

    Gina-Gina-Bo-Bina DIS Veteran

    Sep 12, 2008
    Ok, I shall take a crack at some of your questions....

    The admission to SeaWorld via the Flexticket will include the rides (with an exception or two....the one I can think of immediately is the Swans), the shows, and pretty much everything in the park except: (1) animal feedings (you can watch for free but to feed them will be an extra charge), (2) the special tours, (3) dining and (4) souvenirs.

    We just booked a SeaWorld package via the website, and could not find it cheaper by doing it ourselves (we even calculated booking the hotel portion with our CAA discount then adding in dining/tickets/etc. and SeaWorld's package price had it beat by a significant margin every time). Don't forget to add in the "value" of the free perks for staying onsite (for official hotels, that means free Quick Queue and for parter hotels, that's a free upgrade from regular QQ to well as savings on dining and park merchandise......and free transportation, saving you a daily parking fee).

    For amount of time to fully tour the park, I would say two days. That's if you want to see everything and do everything at a pace that is enjoyable.

    As for the Universal portion of your trip, I would consider doing a split stay, with your Universal days at a Universal onsite hotel. The free Express Passes (front of the line access) you get as part of your room rate are a huge perk, and the onsite hotels are really, really nice. One night at an onsite hotel gives you two days of Express Passes, so you could do one full day at IOA and one full day at Universal (with early entry to IOA for Harry Potter :thumbsup2) with front of the line passes with just one night's stay.

    We did a Discovery Cove/SeaWorld/Universal/Islands of Adventure vacation this past January. Check out my trip report here, maybe it will help a little :) :
  3. Wayneman117

    Wayneman117 Earning My Ears

    Nov 11, 2010
    WOW,very,very nice...I imagine that took alot of time.Thx for sharing!
  4. Wayneman117

    Wayneman117 Earning My Ears

    Nov 11, 2010
    In your Orlando Flex ticket, does that include any (or all) exhibits?

    Also,it sounds like on the web-site. That right now, your dining plan
    is included with your seaworld vacation package.I hope I understand
    this right. And it sounds like its included,free. And you can eat all day?
    Am I understanding this right? Is that w/ the OFT?
    Breakfast..lunch..and Dinner?
    Any help is appreciated.popcorn::
  5. luvmy2babies

    luvmy2babies DIS Veteran

    Apr 23, 2010
    With the package that offers it yes the All Day Dining comes free (a day's worth I believe) and you can eat what you like at the restaurants listed. Not every restaurant participates so make sure to follow the list.

    Voyager's Smokehouse serves a good breakfast. I can't remember where we had lunch. We had dinner at the buffet at Terrace Garden and enjoyed that very much. We also picked up a snack or three along the way.

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