Help me decide...


Earning My Ears
May 10, 2001
Help me decide something...

Hubby and I saw the DVC center at WDW on our trip in May '2001 and we'd love to buy (esp. after seeing pictures of the new BCV). have to admit I don't think we're very savy when it comes to figuring out financial stuff.

We end up going to WDW at least once a year, but usually buy APs and try and fit in 2 trips a year. we've stayed at the values, moderates, and are staying at AKL in May of this year. we tend to like to go down in May or Oct. or 1st-2nd week of Dec.

We seem to spend so much money per yr going to WDW would it pay off to join? we'd probably only be able to afford 150-200 pts.

Also, do they still do that thing that if you join at WDW they will buy back some of your points? and what's this incentive I've read about a free hotel stay?

Thanks for all your expertise and help.

If you go to WDW every year and sometimes twice, it would be very worth while for you to purchase into DVC.For what you are paying at the value, and moderate hotels, you would have much nicer accomodations at DVC, even the studio's at DVC are nicer than the moderates hotel rooms. And if you stay at a 1 or 2 BR, you will be amazed(washer,dryer,ironing board, kitchen facilties,etc) that is why everybody says its your "home away from home".
Buying 150 -200 points is a very good start. you can always borrow ahead, or bank a yrs pts, to get a GV or 2Br once in a while. They are having a sale on the BCV's right now. Somebody else might give you the exact details. You do have a choice of $5 off per pt or a free stay of some nights at selected WDW hotels.
We bought 3 yrs ago and wished we would have bought 5- 7 yrs ago. We are very satisfied with our purchase of DVC. We have already added on 3 times.:D
As long as you're not looking at mostly weekends, you'll likely save some money OR have nicer accomodations. I'd usually equate a DVC studio as about the same price as a discounted moderate so the worst you should do is break even, have more options and stay at nicer resorts.

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