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    Aug 10, 2011
    Okay, We are leaving for Orlando Saturday morning. We have hotel taken care of, and we have tickets to Discovery Cove for Sunday with the extra money to go to Busch Gardens, Sea World, and Aquatica. We won't be going to Aquatica though. We are arriving late Saturday, Sept 10 and coming home early Sunday Sept 18. So... Sunday is DC day. Monday is probably Busch Gardens day, and then we have my conundrum. I know we are going to Universal, each park. My options are to do one park, one day each, for a total of two days. If I do this, then i will also do a Mickey party at Disney on either Friday night or Tuesday night. Or I can do three days at Universal and skip Mickey's partyl. If I do the Mickey party, I will probably do a half day at Sea World, take a nap and then head to Disney. If I do three days at Universal, I would skip Disney entirely probably. There are some mitigating circumstances. My kids are 6 and 7. Both will ride pretty much anything they qualify for, and are both 48 inches tall. I am also fat. Not sure which rides I will get on at Universal, but I am 5' 11" 290 lbs. I fit on all the stuff at Disney. Soooo....... I guess my itenirary is one of two..Whick do you guys recommend?
    Sun-DC Sun-DC
    Mon-BG Mon-BG
    Tues-SW/Mickey Tues-IOA
    Wed-US Wed-US
    Thurs-IOA THurs-SW
    Fri-BG or SW FRi-IOA
    Sat-BG or SW SAt-SW/BG
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    I usually recommend a third day at Universal to appreciate all the nuances or to re-ride favorites, but in your case I think two is enough. Two reasons. First, your Universal schedule has your two days in the middle of the week (in September, no less), so crowds should be really manageable. Second, the difference in two vice three days at Universal is apparently Mickey's Not So Scary, which I am a big fan of. (I'm sure HHN is great too, just not my family's style.)

    On a side note, you should be able to get into MNSSHP at Magic Kingdom as early as 4 with only your party tickets.

    Sorry, Uni peeps. :goodvibes

    Have a good time whatever you decide, sounds like a busy week!

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