HELP!!! I have to make PS June 1st


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Jun 12, 2004
I am trying to plan our 1st trip to wdw Aug 30 - Sept 2. So June 1st is the day to make PS for CRT & Chef Mickeys. My problem is I need to know what the park hours will be so we know which park for what day and that will decide when I need PS. When will the park hours be release for that time??? If later, should I wait until I find out the hours to make reservations or should I plan my parks around my reservations (which I do not want to do, I want to plan around extended hours)? PLEASE HELP!!!


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Nov 28, 2004
Aug park hrs released early June
Sept park hrs released early July

Im almost finished making 15days worth of PSs. Waiting for those Aug hours


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Dec 28, 2002
For CRT you MUST start calling early the first day you can (90 days out). The park schedules will not be out but you MUST make this reservation right away. Anything else should not be a problem (including Chef Mickey's) if you allow for some flexibility. Your situation is complicated by your visit falling over into another month. Someone will hopefully post the historical park hours site for you to look at. It doesn't mean it will stay the same but it will give you an idea.


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