Help..Forward rooms 7005& 7007 anyone stayed in??


Earning My Ears
Jan 29, 2002
We have gone on the wonder and loved it! We were in a family suite -aft. No problem. We are now going on the Magic, 7 day Western... but due to cost we are going to get 2 interior rooms connecting, only problem they are really forward! Will we all be sea sick? How about noise? Anyone? Would love to hear some advise before I put that deposit down! Thanks:confused:
Not been in 7005/7007 but on our last cruise we were in 7003, just next door. It was perfect - no noise, no foot traffic and we weren't aware of any movement throughout the 7 days (but we did have calm seas!). It's also very handy for the forward elevators down to Beat Street and an easy walk up the stairs to Quiet Cove Pool on Deck 9.
Hope you have a great cruise (we're doing the Western this year too, end Aug. Can't wait!)
I actually CHOSE this location for my inside stateroom over a secret porthole room because we stayed in 7002 on our last cruise and it was so quiet.

The boat rocked quite a bit on our trip but as much as I tried to be able to tell where it rocked more, it seemed like it was rocking the same everywhere. I personally prefer it when it rocks so you can't go by me on that one and it rocked me to sleep every night.

As far as convenience goes, it was great for us... being so close to the forward elevators made getting to all of the adult places easy. The midship elevators are almost always packed. The gangway was always set up on the forward part of the ship for all of the ports that we were in so we just took the stairs down to get off the ship, and the elevators back up. It was great! Not sure how that may change depending on where you go and weather etc, but we saw it as a benefit.

We have stayed in 6004 on the Wonder and 7509 on the Magic and have not noticed any more rocking in the cabins than further back.

Both locations were near the end of the hall and were quiet.


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