HELP!! Doing the Minnie 5K and panicking!

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    Dec 13, 2000
    Hi there. I have just started running and will be doing my first 5K at the Race for the Cure and then will be doing the Minnie 5K.

    I have tried running several times but never had any stamina. Since it's been cold here in the midwest, I have been running on a treadmill. In the past I have never been able to run more than about 5 minutes at a 4 mph pace. For some reason this time around I have been able to run much easier. I can run 45 minutes at 4 mph (about a 5K) or 30 minutes at 4.5 mph on the treadmill. However, running outside is a different story!! I tried to run outside the other day and could only run about 2 minutes before I was totally winded and my legs felt like they were going to fall off. I know that running outdoors is more difficult than the treadmill but I can't understand how I can go for so long on the treadmill and than not even function outdoors. I feel like I am still running slow outside but my DH wonders if I am running way too fast since I'm not paced by the treadmill outside. Any suggestions? I'm starting to get really worried!
  2. Todd and Toni

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    Mar 10, 2006
    Don’t panic. Your DH is correct…you are pressing the pace too much when going from the treadmill to outside. I recommend doing some alternating between a brisk walk to slow running to build up some endurance outside. You could start with 2 minute walking then 30 seconds running then walk, run, etc. over a few miles distance. Do this maybe every other day for a week. Gradually shorten the walk time (30 seconds) between runs or lengthen the run time (15 seconds) between walks. Run at a comfortable pace and don’t try to add too much distance or speed to your run to quickly or injuries may begin to plague you.

    The weather should be good enough most days to go outside to run for a while. You may need an old sweatshirt, hat and gloves on some days but those days are numbered.

    This plan worked for both DW and myself. It is not a fast process but it does work. Even if you walk/run the races, remember that everyone completes these events at ther own pace.

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