help choose an upscale meal >>>>>>

Discussion in 'Orlando Hotels and Attractions' started by Steve P, Jun 21, 2003.


which would you choose for an upscale meal??

  1. Emeril's Tscoup Chop (sp?)

  2. California Grill / CR

  3. Flying Fish cafe / borardwalk

  4. Del Frisco's / Winter Park

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  1. Steve P

    Steve P Mouseketeer

    Aug 20, 1999
    where to dine ? >>>>>

    1. Emeril's Tcoup Chop (sp?)
    2. California grill / CR
    3. Flying Fish / Boardwalk
    4. Del Frisco's / Winre Park
  2. debbie655

    debbie655 Guest

    We haven't been to any of these but have reservations at Tchoup Chop the night we check into the Royal Pacific (Sunday, the 6th). I hope it's good. I've heard both positive and negative things about it and am anxious to try it.
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  4. UKDEB

    UKDEB Moderator Emeritus Moderator

    Jul 7, 2000
    Oh wow! Tough choices there, Steve. The only one we haven't tried is Del Frisco's, but, as I'm sure you know, it gets rave reviews and is supposed to be the best steakhouse in the area. We love The Palm and Ruth's Chris, and by all accounts it beats both hands down, so it's high on our list of places to try.

    Of the other 3, although I love FFC, I would say CG and Tchoup Chop have the edge. If it's a choice of only one, I would have to say Tchoup Chop if only because it's the newest. In fact, CG and TC have the same buzzing atmosphere, and both have fabulous food. Go to TC. It's swanky and sophisticated, but not intimidating.
  5. DisneyChick02

    DisneyChick02 Earning My Ears

    Apr 29, 2003
    California Gril and Flying Fish are "loud" restaurants, but great food at them....I would say CA Grill of the two just for the overall view, food, etc. Remember that CA Grill is market-inspired so the menu changes daily, and both are innovative in food presentations and the like.

    Tchoup Chop has been getting great reviews, and I don't know about Del Frisco's. Beyond that, here are some other WONDERFUL spots in town that are great for fine dining and worth consideration:

    1. "restaurant row" on Sand Lake (near Universal) One a 1 mile stretch you have Timpano-an Italian Chophouse, Morton's (steak), Ruth's Chris (steak) , Melting Pot (fondue), Antonio's (italian), Seasons 52 (brand new, market inspired cuisine), Moonfish (pacific-rim seafood if I read the menu correctly), and my favorite, Roy's- world-class chef who has a small chain of restaurants in Hawaii, Far East, New York, Vegas, etc. If I remember correctly, each restaurant has 2 menus- one that is the "staple" menu for all locations based on Roy's tastes, then the other menu that is inspired by the head chef of the location. One of those "you can't pick something bad at all" restaurants, and great flavor combinations.

    2. Marriott Orlando World Center- Hawk's Landing. 14 oz. bone-in filet mignon is sometimes on the menu, but you have to ask for it. Quite possibily the best cut of beef you will ever experience. Excellent service, valet parking, great food. Mussels are great there too.

    3. At WDW Swan/Dolphin- Palio and Shula's Steakhouse. Great steak and lobster at Shula's, excellent Italian at Palio's with a strolling violinist.

    4. At Mall of Millenia- near Universal area- is McCormick and Shuster's, apparently one of the better seafood restaurants in the area, as well as Brio, which is Italian and WONDERFUL. Also great shopping too. :o)

    5. Another little-known but wonderful quiet restaurant at Disney is Artist Point at Wilderness Lodge. If you love salmon, get their signature item- the maple-glazed, cedar smoked salmon. Right now its actually in season as well so its particulalry good. It is also considered now to be one of Disney's "signature" restaurants (along the lines of CA, Flying Fish, etc.) and is really wonderful.

    Hope this helps!
  6. DNBois

    DNBois DIS Veterans & CBR Lovers!!!

    Jun 4, 2000
    Although it is not on your list, I would highly recommend the Brown Derby in MGM - my husband and I love to eat out and the meal that we had (our 3rd anniversary) was the best meal we have ever had - if you do happen to go, you have to try the cobb salad - it is indescribable:)
  7. Figment22

    Figment22 Hulk, MIB and MLB Fan!

    May 21, 2000
    Of the four you have listed, my vote would go to Tchoup Chop. We have eaten at all but Del Friscos. That being said, we just came back from Orlando last week and had a marvelous dinner at Seasons 52 on West Sand Lake Road. I posted a dinner report in another thread in this forum. I give it a very high recommendation. All that being said, you really couldn't go wrong with any of your choices; they're all very good dining spots.

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