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Mar 15, 2001
Hi Everyone, I just found this message board and think it's absolutely wonderful. I'm trying to plan our summer vacation and am very concerned about height restrictions. My 10 year old son is rougly 52" tall. If anyone has any information as to the restrictions for Universal Studios or the Islands of Adventure theme parks would you please share them?
I am unable to access the Universal official site because it is overtaxing my processor and I keep getting a you have performed an illegal operation box. Which shuts my browser window completely down.
After watching the travel channel's report that Universal Studios takes 1st place in amusement parks last night, I became very excited. I think the program was enough to convince my husband as well that this is where we want to go this year.
Over the next couple months I plan on keeping my eye out on this message board. I am just so delighted to have found such a place.
First of all:

This IS a great place to be!

I agree, that Travel Channel show has me excited, too!! And I've already BEEN there! :eek:

Here are the height requirements for the parks:

click here

My son is now 53 1/2 inches tall (at 8) and is panting to get to the 54 inches it takes to get on the Mega Roller Coasters. Though we've been there at least 10 times, even without going on the coasters, he LOVES the place.



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