Has anyone stayed at the Hawthorn Suites in Anaheim?


Earning My Ears
Mar 13, 2001
Hello! I have a reservation for the two-room suite at the Hawthorn Suites hotel and I'm wondering if anyone else has stayed at this hotel and would like to share their opinions on it with me? I've heard a mix of good and fair (although nothing *bad* so far) on other boards and would love to get any other comments!



I stayed there with my family last January, and it was a real deal for the $49 rate we got through a coupon book. (We'd reserved Holiday Inn using the two-for-one coupon, but this was preferable to me -- more privacy with a two-room suite.) We had two adults and three kids in our group, and the suite was quite adequate for our needs. There was a free breakfast buffet also, a small weight room, and a small gift shop. We used the pool also. Security was pretty good because you need your card key to get into the elevator. Plenty of parking.

We used the shuttle a few times to go to/from the park, but also drove at other times. (We were there for 3 nights.) I had no complaints about this hotel. It was very clean and new, and the desk staff were helpful. You do need a car in the area because there wasn't much in the surrounding blocks in terms of restaurants or fast food. I was quite pleased in general and would certainly stay there again!

Thank you, Gracie! I'm sorry I haven't responded sooner, but I've been having computer troubles and couldn't get back to check till now. Thanks for your comments on the hotel!

You're most welcome!!! As I said, we enjoyed Hawthorne Suites quite well. I have seen a $69 rate on the internet for it recently as a "special", and would love to stay there again. Have a *magical* trip!!!


Gracie, if you check back again, I've got a question: how was that free breakfast buffet at the hotel? Was there a lot of variety with the food and was the quality of the food satisfactory? Also, you said you used the shuttle- was it a shuttle used for just the hotel guests of Hawthorn, or one of those big charter type buses that stop at several different hotels? Sorry, I didn't think to ask these before.

I wish I had thought to check out internet specials. I'm afraid I booked through the hotel's website and got a rate twice what you mentioned for the two-room suite. Live and learn, right? lol

Hi Amy,

The breakfast was not the best I've had in a suite hotel - but it was far better than the typical roll and coffee. There were pancakes, fruit, muffins, eggs (albeit rather powdery tasting - hopefully they've improved). At the time they didn't have meats but I hear they've added sausage now. I found this review at another site which might be

Thanks again, Gracie. You've been great! I'll check out the link you provided. So, breakfast is nothing great, but ok? I'll either check it out or skip over it and eat somewhere else outside the park, lol. I appreciate the honest answers!



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