Has anyone recently attempted priceline....


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Aug 18, 1999
for a 4* hotel? After reading the boards and the priceline boards, it looks like getting S/D through priceline is not likely. I called S/D and got a rate of $155/nt w/DC card. Should I stick with it or attempt priceline. I am on the fence. We stayed at WL and got spoiled. We are looking for a reasonably priced deluxe and after talking to Disney today, they don't have anything even close to that for a Deluxe. I have no problem staying at MOWC if the price is right. What's your advice?
Also, I am considering HIFS. I signed-up for Priority Club and got a rate through their website of $111/nt. for a "feature" suite. What is a "feature suite"?
Thanks, Joanne

Do you have an annual pass? If so you can get the same rate, but also add an upgrade and late check out!

Click Here to go to the FAQ. There is lots of info there that may help you in your decision !

Good luck and hope you get exactly what you want!

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I don't think we will be back to WDW within a year...planning on getting pregnant so I am assuming that this will be our last visit to WDW for about 4yrs.
I would, you could save a great deal of money.

I used to think that I would always stay on Disney Property. I just love the Polynesian. But, the fact is, the Magic Kingdom Club is gone, and whatever discounts are available are nothing like they used to be in the good old days...

Now, though, we are fortunate to have Priceline, and it is incredible! I have completely changed my mind about staying on property.. I stayed at the 4 star Marriott Orlando World Center (MOWC) on our recent trip for $75 per night (I might even have gotten it a little cheaper if I had been more agressive in my bidding), and it was worth 2 to 3 times that. I would highly recommend it to you. Request the north tower, with a fireworks view. You won't regret it...Just think about all the Disney pins you could buy with the $200 you will save every day versus staying in a Disney premium resort!!

On my next trip, I am taking cheap to a whole new level!! I booked rooms through Priceline in the Sheraton World resort, a three star resort right near SeaWorld, for $25 per night!!! The place looks just fine, check their website.... I am still in shock that hotel rooms are so readily available at such fantastic prices in Orlando right now. Take advantage of this opportunity while it is here,
it may not last forever!!

Sure, you will need to rent a car, no big deal, Priceline will help you out there too!! The fact is, it is a great deal more convenient to hop in your car and drive to the parks than waiting for the Disney bus transportation...

We usually find a way to park at the Polynesian parking lot (ressies at Ohana is our favorite excuse), and take the monorail from there. Walking through the Polynesian lobby gives me all the wonderful feelings that I would get if I was staying there (for around $300 per night!!).

One last thing: there is a current promotion, with American Express, by which they will add $20 per night to your bid if you pay with an Amex card, use this if you have the card... All the information you need regarding this promotion, or anything else Priceline related can be found at the Priceline Expedia Bidding Forum (look under "Bonus Money Opportunities" for the Amex info). Best of luck planning your vacation. Here is a link to this wonderful bulletin board:

Priceline Expedia Bidding Forum

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did you get the sheraton through priceine for 25$ or on the website...

if it was priceline ....you probably used the bonus money from Amex ???

just wondering...since best rate that comes back on the website is...106$ for govt discount...

i checked out

I also used the Amex $20 per day bonus.. So, while I only bid $25, the bid that Sheraton World received was $45 per night, and they quickly accepted it!!

I of course checked the rates at Sheraton World's website too, and was amazed at the deal I got.

Here is a link to the information you need to use the Amex bonus:

Amex Bonus Discussion and Link

A bit of additional info may be useful, if you want to try Priceline: Priceline breaks up Orlando into 4 star categories, and several geographical zones... This hotel is a 3 star hotel, in the Universal / SeaWorld Zone.
If you bid the same amount as I did, you are very likely to get this hotel, or another really nice looking hotel called the Rosen Centre. I actually booked one night there (6/30, the day we get back from our cruise on the Magic) for $20 per night, plus the $20 Amex bonus!! I looked up the nightly rate on their website, and it was over $200!!!

One piece of advice, do your homework first, study the Priceline Expedia bidding forum, which I mentioned above.... it is an incredible source of Priceline information...

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All the experts will tell you, if you're committed to staying on site,don't do priceline. That being said, I second the suggestion to visit the Pricelne and Expedia Bidding Forum. You can see my post under "Hyatt 3* success for 2/9-13" there. It details numerous failures for 4*. (However, there's a more recent post with a 4* success) The more I think about my eventual 3* success, the more I realize how much convenience I might be able to buy for the savings of $200-$400 I realized.

Don't wait four years to go again just because you don't think your little one won't get anything out of it or it will be to difficult. It's alot easier then you think. Besides kids under three get into the parks for free. :)
I'm a recent addict to priceline. We are leaving for Fl in 23 Days,1 Hr, 51 Mins & 58 Secs (not that I'm counting) and needed a hotel for our last 2 nights at Disney. I did priceline and also got Sheraton World for $25 + $20 bonus. The rooms are going around $130 (some websites higher, some less) so boy am I happy!!!!
I then got a room for our overnight stay for the drive down in VA for $9 a night. And then got a room for the way home for $5 a night in NC(all with bonuses) I'm now an addict!
We are planning a trip in the fall and I presently have reservations at HIFS for 8 nights at a unbelievable rate of $83 night, but I think I'm gonna go for a 4*( for at least 1/2 the trip)I can problably get it for less.

All I can say is go for it!!!!You will save tons of money- but like the previous posts have said, do your homework. Go to the expedial/priceline board they refered you to, there is a list of most of the hotels that have come up in the Orlando areas. Find out what the rates are for the time you want ot go, and ask for bidding advise. Sheryl and the other moderators are great with bidding advise. You will have a great time in Disney no matter what you do. :D

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Just bid the other day and got Sheraton Studio City for 28.00 plus Amex bounus. The place looks great and is actually rated 4* by Expedia (altho they often rate incorrectly)Also, bid for airline tickets PVD to MCO last minute over Superbowl w/e and got them for 100.00 plus 50.00 bonus!
These boards are soooo great! Thanks everyone for your great advice. I am waiting on the "green light" from my hubby and I just might give it a try. I have been reading the sheryls forum and it is extremely helpful.
I have stayed at MOWC for a convention and I know how nice it is. I will admit that I will miss the Disney "atmosphere" but we would prefer the deluxe amenities over the "atmosphere". I will keep you posted!
We stayed at MOWC in July of 2000 for $52 a night, no bonus money.

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I just booked a 2 bedroom kidsuite at HIFS right here from DreamRes and got a rate of $107 per nite for the suite. This was the cheapest rate that I had found for them in all my searching the web and even calling the hotel directly. We stayed there last year when it was new and are returning on 2/9/01. The hotel is great, we will continue to go back. I called the hotel directly and a "feature" suite was a one bedroom and we are traveling with 2 kids and needed more room than that. I would try going through DreamRes right here on this site.
We bid two weeks ago for 4* in WDW area, Kissemmee (sp?), and Universal. We kept bidding up to $50.00 for two nights in June with rejection. Don't be surprised if you have to go higher.



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I have no idea why someone resurrected this dead thread, but a couple of things.

Prices and info on here are incredibly out of date!

Sheryl's site is pretty dead. (She drove off the posters by banning them and chasing them around the net to scream at them)

I use betterbidding.com it's still not "user friendly" but....


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