Handicapp parking question


Dec 29, 2000
Christmas is getting to be too much with everyone else's expections of my boys. Not to mentino
a bit emotional for me just to watch what they aren't doing. They both have autism, 5 and 2.
We went with them and my inlaws in May and had an awful time. Everyone got sick. So, to not
deal with this christmas nonsense, we are going to go on vacation. In May we stayed at the Poly.
Convienent until we had to fold up the strollers to go to MGM. (we never made it to AK)

So, I am thinking that if we just stay at the All stars, we can drive there and unpack the stollers with my more
ease than trying to get on and off the bus. Is this possible? How far is the walk from the handicapp parking?

I hope that this will work for us. It'll save money and annoyance.


Better than using handicap parking, just tell the parking attendant that you have special needs kids and need to park next to the tram stop. They will let you park right there -- usually the spots are reserved with orange cones. Be sure to get a GAC, then the next time you park, you flash the GAC and you hardly have to explain. If you can fold the strollers and load the kids onto the tram, this is definitely the way to go. If you MUST use the strollers and cannot pack and unpack them, go ahead and use handicap parking, but you will have a longer walk.

Sorry to hear you had a rough trip. I hope your next one is much more enjoyable!
If you have a handicapped parking permit (issued by your state), you can use the handicapped parking. If you don't have a permit, they do ticket people who park there without a permit. As teri mentioned, it's often farther from handicapped parking than if you park at the end of a row and ride the tram.
Here's the parking scoop at the different parks (IMHO):
MK: You'll be on the monorail. If you can't get your strollers thru the door, you will need to fold them up to get on.
Epcot: You can take the monorail there too. If you drive, the handicapped parking is about as far as walking from the buses and we have found it fills up pretty fast. If you drive there, you might be better with teri's parking suggestion.
MGM: The handicapped parking is right behind the bus area, so close to the entrance. We haven't had much trouble finding spots there.
AK: The handicapped parking area is a little closer to the entrance than the buses are. We have had trouble finding spots in their handicapped parking area. If you can't get a spot close to the front, it's quite a trek, so you might be better with regular parking and the tram there.

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