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Discussion in 'W.I.S.H' started by Pooh's Pixie, Nov 2, 2012.

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    A group of friends are thinking about training for next year's half-marathon. I am not a runner although I am in decent shape and work out 5-6 days a week. Did I see somewhere that you can run as a relay team? Not sure I'd want to do that but what's it all about? Also, any suggestions or ideas about training? I think we'd like to do the Food & Wine one, although we are morning exercisers and 10 pm is late for us! ;)
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    I think you can only do a two person relay team in the Wine & Dine half marathon, and in the WDW marathon (held in January). I'm not sure if it's an option in the other races.

    As far as training goes, if you sign up for a Disney race, some training plans will be provided. Or, you can just google "half marathon training plan" and find one that works for you. Good luck!
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    May 15, 2012
    Unfortunately there is no relay option for the wine& dine this year. It doesn't mean they won't bring it back next year but you might need to look for other options. If you're in good shape though, the half is a very do-able distance with enough time to prep. I started back in July and have already run further than that in training for the W&D next week.
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    Yes, unfortunately no more relays at this time. But agree that a half is totally doable if you're in good shape. Look for a 16 or 20 week training plan to give yourself some wiggle room and you'll be fine. Wine and Dine is my 3rd half and I am trying a whole new plan (Run Less, Run Faster) for this race which has more cross-training which I've really enjoyed. It's helped keep me interested and not bored with running. Good luck!! The Disney races are amazing - you will love it!

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