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Feb 4, 2000
Ok, we're on the fence about buying--I'm definitely ready, but DH isn't (we had a bad experience with a timeshare "discovery package") Looking at HH and OKW resales with fairly low amount of points. In your opinions (humble or otherwise), what are my chances of :1. completing the resale--paying cash by March 1; and 2. booking a GV at OKW on a Sunday and Monday in October (not during food/wine festival) at 7 months out? Thanks for the assistance.
If you made an offer today, and sign the purchase doc (through a resaler), 3/1 is not possible (it takes approx 30 to 45 days to close) and another 30 days (without expediated service) to have it recorded and DVC process the paper work (per my resale escrow service). If you are in a rush, it might be better just go directly through DVD/DVC and see if VWL is still availabe (and if money is of concern, take advantage of the Magical Beginning program. Sell back you 2001 use year pts and you get $10/pt credit).

Things to consider when buying through resale: although the price per point is lower (anywhere between $58 to $70), you will incur $450 to $550 in closing fees (not including all the overnight express mail that you use to mail your docs back quickly, and the $45 expediate fee). Plus DVC has the right to purchase the contract if they determine the price is too good. Moreover, it takes a long long time (about 2 months) for you to become a DVC member (remember, DVC has to process your membership after you have "closed" and the deed recorded). By buying directly from DVC/DVD it would only take you less than 20 days.

If any one else have a different experience, please post (I would also love to know) The information I have provided is based on the resale escrow instruction I have recently recieved from Timeshare Store.
If you want to go directly through Disney, be sure to do it today or tomorrow! VWL will be unavailable to new members after 2/2/02 and presales on BCV begins 2/3/02.

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