Greasy hair shampoo question


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Jun 18, 2002
Okay, DSD has reached the "greasies" stage with her hair (she is almost 12). Anyone know of a good shampoo for her to use that will help?


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Jan 18, 2005
Find a clarifying shampoo. I know Pantene makes a good one. Have her wash her hair with that once or twice a week and then let her pick out something that she likes the smell of to wash with the rest of the week. Use conditioner only on the middle and the ends of her hair.

This has worked really well with dd12 and the greasies!!

Good Luck


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Oct 27, 2002
Paul mitchelle tea-tree oil clarifying shampoo.

or something like that.

I buy the generic version at Sally' well. kinda pepperminty - wakes you up in the morning and really strips your hair of oils/product buildup. (almost too well - i can't use it every day)


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Feb 7, 2004
Suave has a clarifying shampoo that works great and it is cheap and my DS 15 likes the clean fresh smell. Your DSD might want something with more of a smell.


I remember just washing my hair 2-3 times a day when I was going through that! Dont miss those days! Good luck finding somehting that works for her.

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Feb 1, 2002
My DD is going through this too. Part of her problem is that her hair is so thick and curly that it's hard to get all the shampoo/conditioner all the way out! So be sure you work with them to understand when they're "done" washing their hair.

I've settled in on a couple of shampoos that work for dd. One is pantene which was mentioned above. The other is the ausie miracle stuff in the purple bottle. DD really likes that stuff.

We've also tried the suave humectra line, since her hair's so curly. She doesn't like the smell, so we went back to the aussie stuff.


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