grand villa

Because its larger and you can park right in front of it.
For me, its location. However, I would never spend that much on it. OKW's are bigger. The real difference is in weeknights, not weekends.:bounce:

That is one of the reasons "OKW" is our home resort, besides the lower dues also.But we like to stay at the others also!!!:D
I think it has something to do with the smell of cooked pigs feet you have to put up with from the guests who stayed there before you got there


At least when we (DVC Members at OKW) all get up in age, we won't have to walk 1.2 miles just to get to our rooms. ;)
You're right about the age thing. Since you need a car at Okw to get to your room or anywhere else in Disney, (instead of walking to it,) you have to wonder, will they let you drive at that age?
You can always rent those "rascals" to drive you around at the BW. I think they're complimentary At Okw, I could be wrong though.:) On a serious note tho,
The Bw GV's really ARE a lot of points, we come down two to three times a year, and stay in the BW GV at least once a year. It would be more point efficient to stay in the Okw GV, or get 3 two bedroom villas at the BW for the amount of points you spend, but we just enjoy the GV at the Boardwalk better. Yes, the OKW GV is bigger, it's very nice, and half the price when we go, but we do prefer the BW's GV. We enjoy being IN Disney. If we were locked out of the BW GV one trip, we would prefer two two bedrooms at the BW to the Okw GV. We've done the Okw GV on three different occasions, when the BW was full, and the family still prefers the BW.
To each his own!Like someone said earlier, location, location, location! This past trip, we had a blast with over 40 people in our room a couple of nights, deciding where we would walk to after the fireworks.It's great to leave the Jellyrolls or whatever entertainment option you chose for the night, and to walk upstairs to your' room. By the way, the GVs at the Boardwalk are a very short walk to the Boardwalk activities, and not the long walk some people claim it to be. We've always found if you're willing to pay the points, you don't get the long walk. Now if you reserve a standard studio, (like we do at times), you can't complain. I still don't get the long walk complaint. If you don't have a car at the OKW, and you check in. Now we're talking a walk. How far is it to the back villas at the Okw? Yeah, I know you can wait for a bus to take you to your room. Let me say that again, A bus to your' room? How convenient.:rolleyes:
The serious answer has several components. First, they realized that the OKW Grand Villas were underpriced to a certain extenst. Second is that BW is a more expensive property in some ways. Still, compared to a 2 BR plus a studio, it's still 120% more points at OKW and 150% more at BW for a GV.


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