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Apr 28, 2001
I will be taking my (mobility impaired) mother to Disneyland next month. I thought adding concierge would add a few luxuries that would be nice since her Disney Touring would be more limited than the usual guest.

Does anybody have any experiences with Grand Californian Concierge? What exactly are the amentities? The hotel appears quite large...are the concierge rooms any closer to the main lobby than others?
Hi there! I have stayed at the GC- concierge. The rooms are the same size as the other regular rooms, the only difference is all concierge rooms are on the sixth floor. There is a very nice concierge lounge that serves continental breakfast, twilight wine and cheese, and sodas and fresh fruit throughout the day. With concierge service you get priority check-in (a member of the concierge staff will meet you upon arrival and either check you in in your room or in the lounge), the services of the concierge for reservations and other needs and free use of the fitness center.

The hotel is actually not all that large, and if you request a room near the concierge lounge and elevators due to your mother's mobility issues you should be able to be accommodated.

Enjoy your trip! :)

Are the rooms near the lounge and elevator facing the park?
We have requested (and paid for) park view.

Do the rooms have DVD?
Yes, they do have the theme park view, and YES, I forgot to add that the rooms do have DVD players and you can request DVDs from the concierge to view in your room. :)

We have stayed at the Paradise Pier with my mother. She has some problems getting around and we felt safe leaving her in the hotel in the care of the conceirge staff there. It gave her a place to go to get out of the room while we were playing in the park and the free soda and stuff made a big difference in the budget. Of course, we couldn't keep her away from the Mickey pretzels. (I think she got addicted to them and the chocolates from the turndown service conceirge provides.)

I think this is a great idea. We would all go to the park during the day and then she would get movies from the lounge to watch during the evenings while we toured on our own.
Thanks Tammy...that is what I was hoping for....her stamina (with or without the scooter) is not up to touring all day. She doesn't want to go and 'be a burden", This way she can have a place to go and relax while we do the 'heavy touring'.

We will probably bring a few of her favorite DVD's since GC Concerge apparently has them in the rooms.
Glad I could help. Will you be there for the big meet Feb 22 to 24? Sure would be great to have you join us at the Best Coast DIS meet. If not, well then, you and yours have a great trip.

Michelle...thanks for all your help- but one more question. I understand there are coffee makers in the room - do they supply coffee? What size pot? (Coffee addicted folks here)
It's a small pot (maybe 4 cups) and they do supply both regular and de-caf coffee. :)


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