Good Price for Poly??


May 30, 2005
Hello, I'm very new here and I've tried all day to post this question and it keeps telling me I already posted it but it never shows up. So please forgive me if it does indeed show up at some point, several times!!

I'm booked at the Poly the last week of August at a rate of $229 per night because I am getting an annual pass (and I'm paying $180 more for it than I would have for the 7-day hopper I had intended on getting). Is that a good rate? Can I do better? I don't have AAA. Doing just the room and using my AP means I can't get the free dining plan that is in effect during the weeks of my stay, correct? I can't decide if I should pay rack rate and book MYW package to get my free dining and not get the AP after all. It will be me and my husband and our two kids ages 4 and 9.

Also, with my AP the CRT was quoted as $270 and CRW as $244. GF was $274 and WL was $155. Are those good rates? I chose the Poly for the monorail and the lowest price. What do you all think? I'm totally new to all of this! This is a GREAT board!! You're all so helpful but you're also so knowledgeable I often feel lost, LOL!

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Jul 12, 2000
We have that same rate at the Poly for July. Yes, currently that is the best rate available, unless you are a FL resident or CM.

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Jul 23, 2002
Keep telling yourself that you got a bargain! The Poly is pricey but wonderful, and the Deluxes are in "value season" after July 4th. So you are paying well over $100 less than that same room would cost you in April! Enjoy!


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Mar 20, 2005
That's a great rate for the Poly and your gonna love it. :goodvibes Don't worry about not having the meal plan, you are saving more by using the AP than paying rack rate and getting a one day pass to qualify for the free dining. ;) I think it's better not to have the meal plan because you can eat what you want and where you want without having to worry about how to allocate your "credits". By buying an AP you can also get the DDE (Disney Dining Experience) card for $50. This will give you 20% off your meals at practacally every WDW resturant :cool1: The annual pass is great if you are going to be at WDW more than 1 week in a year. If you are only making one trip in a year, you might be better off buying a 7 day (or even the 10 day) with no expiration and then getting the free dining.
Have a great trip !!! :mickeybar


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