gold heart pin

bob stevens

Earning My Ears
Feb 3, 2002
I am taking my daughter to disneyworld in Feb an her friend gave her a gold colored heart shaped pin with mickeys hand, soucers wand and a star on it. Can anyone tell me if this is a "tradable" pin with cast members ??

I wasn't sure either. But I took two with me last month.
And not only were they tradable, they were much desired!
So go for it! :)

You said that the pins are desirable at disneyworld. Was that by traders or cast members ??

You said that the pins are desirable at disneyworld.
Can you tell me was that by traders or cast members ??

To make sure we are talking about the same pin it has Mickeys arm, wand and a star.

Sure it's the same pin. the $2 variety pin, right?
I had the two.
A little girl saw me trading with a CM in WS. She asked me about the Variety pin. So I bent over and talked to her about it. Told her that it was $2 and where she could find them. Her mom and two other little girls were with her. If she had been just her am the mom, I would have given it to her.
But she wanted to trade the variety pin for one on her lanyard, so I did. I just explained to her and her mom that it was a regular pin back, and not a tie tack back, and to be careful, etc.
Then I had a couple CM's in passing show interest in it for themselves. But it was always when I was walking into something and didn't relly have the time to stop and chat.
Then while waiting for Ellen's Energy at Epcot, a CM wanted the pin so I traded it with her.
I think it is just a pin many have not seen.
I am surprised that the CM hadn't seen that pin. They were selling them at the Company D (castmember store) locations at WDW. They were also selling this at our local movie theater. The pin is to benefit a children's charity. I really like it.

Sue Ellen
Hi Everyone,

I bought a 3 of these at my local Giant Eagle (grocery store) and took them down to WDW over New Year's. I didn't know if CM's would accept them because I never tried to trade a pin with a CM that had a clasp instead of the tie tack back. But, they did accept them, so I guess they are tradeable pins for CM trading.


I picked mine up at the Regal Theatre. I was curious if these were acceptable traders or not. It's nice to know they are, I'll go pick up a few more and help a good cause at the same time. :D :D


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