Going to visit IOA for the first time, what to expect if I'm a Disneylover, need info

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    Sep 3, 2011
    My school's Chorus and Band are taking a trip to IOA next May. I'm in Chorus, and I visit Disney once a year and have never been to Universal or Islands of Adventure. I'm excitied to be doing this park and not Universal Studios, mostly because they have the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Our Chorus director says we'll be there from whatever time we're done performing until the park closes. She says we'll have to pay for our meals at the park, and that we can bring money for shopping.

    Since I have never been and have NO ideas about this park, I need some serious help. Where are the best places to eat? How much should I bring for food? The trip is already going to be $119 just to go. How exspensive is any of the Harry Potter merch? What should I plan on skipping just because of the lines? My Chorus teacher has two times when she'll require our group to meet her, and she says if we're in a line or on a ride when she's waiting on us to meet her, that we'll NEVER travel with her again.

    I need a good plan for the park as well for our group. I don't want to be banned from traveling with my Chorus group, because we have some FUN trips planned!

    Thanks for the help! I really appricate it!
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    for your question about the cost of parry hotter merch, pull it up online and you will get an idea of what to expect price wise.
    i think the wands can be had for $30.

    since this is your first time to ioa, check out the website to get an idea of what rides, shows, cs places you will find there.
    look at some of the stickies, you'll end up learning so much more about ioa thru them.

    your trip is for next year.
    you have a lot of time to start an agenda of the things you want to see in the park.

    it won't be listed now, but check for rehabs for your dates the closer you get to it.

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