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Nov 11, 2001
I loved this show, but only went to it a few times because I had little interest in USF in the pre-IOA era. Then of course, it was replaced by that god-awful Twister waste of space. I was wondering if anyone remembers the show in detail(perhaps step by step) or has any pictures of it for my own nostalgic reasons.


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Dec 18, 2000
This was one of my favorite shows also and I hated to see it go. If Universal ever compiled a short video of that show I'd certainly pick up a copy. (Any execs. out there reading?)
Still like the eerieness of Twister, for now, but I could see that one following Ghostbusters' path in near future too. (I'd buy the souvenir video for that also!)
As far as the actor part of it, always had good characters in the feature roles. If me old memory is serving correctly, I think the actor(s) were better than the present day Poseidon's Fury spaz (forget his name, sorry).


Feb 27, 2000
The Ghostbusters had an awesome show! Now we get annoying video clips of Bill Paxton.