Getting to WDW from I95


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Feb 15, 2003
We will be travelling south on I 95 Saturday to get to WDW. By the time we get to Florida it will be late and well after dark. We have no idea how to get where we need to be (specifically All Star Movies). Can anyone give us good directions? I assume that we will find numerous signs to help us?

Please don't suggest mapquest or any of the other online mapping/directions services. I have had terrible experiences with them being very inaccurate, misleading and downright WRONG! :badpc: I would prefer the advice of someone that has "done it".

Catch I-4 from 95 around Daytona Beach....follow I-4 to WDW. Take the Animal Kingdom exit...follow signs to the All Stars. I can't recall more specific directions than that...but once you get on WDW matter what exit you take to get there...there will be plenty of signs. You just need to know you're headed to the AK resort area.

Have fun!


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