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Earning My Ears
Jan 29, 2001
How important is the hour early admission for on-site hotel guest since they are now given the no wait deal all day? Are they still allowed to enter certain parks an hour early?
If I stay onsite, I like to arrive early because I want to use all the benefits afforded to me. I paid lots of money for a hotel room, so I will use every benefit given. Besides, even though you can use FOTL all day, you will get the added benefit of walking through a near-deserted park. It's good to not bump into other guests or get hit by runaway kids. :)


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We found that not many things are opened for that 1 hour but I loved walking though the parks without the crowds, great for taking pictures

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Definitely take advantage of the early hour. The lines are so short and you can get several of the hot rides finished without the crowds. The day we did IOA was not an early entry, but I noticed they opened the park at 8:30 instead of the official 9:00 opening time. We rode the Hulk 3 times in a row first thing that day. When my son went back around 4:00 he had to wait 20 minutes (twice) in the express lane (using our FOTL HRH pass). The other line was 70 minutes. So, the lines are definitely a lot shorter in the morning than later on. Also, the FOTL entrance changed, in the morning we went up the exit area at several rides, then they opened up lines later in the day for FOTL. Also, the lines are not clearly marked for the express can be very confusing!! But it's a great benefit
I would recommend doing early entry for IOA but I don't think it is necessary for Universal if you need a morning to sleep in. Not sure when whzz was at USF, but with FOTL in the Express Pass entrance now it is easy to spot the line. Sometimes there isn't an attendant there if the regular line is really short, but they appeared right away.

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