Getting to MK from ASMu for early breakfast

Discussion in 'Transportation' started by batt01, May 5, 2004.

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    Oct 30, 2003
    We have 8:10am reservations for CP Charachter breakfast on a non-early entry day (the park opens at 9:00am).

    What is the best way to get to the MK gates by 7:45am so that we can go right in when the open for early PS holders?

    Will a bus be running?

    If we drive our car, do I have to go to TTC and monorail over?
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    May 1, 2003
    We will also be staying at ASMu and have a few PS scheduled for 8 AM on non EMH days. Here is the info that we received from Tyler who is a CM at WDW. He is known as Chip 'n Dale Express here on the boards.

    Buses for the MK and MK Resort Area will start running at 6:30am DAILY.

    Buses for DAK/AKL will start running at 7:00-7:15am DAILY.

    Buses for the Studios (covering the Epcot Resort Area) will start running at 7:00-7:15am DAILY.

    Buses for Epcot (Princess Breakfast at Norway) will start running at 7:00-7:15am DAILY.

    This information is valid EVERY DAY, and for ALL DISNEY RESORTS serviced by Bus transportation.

    These buses are for Breakfasts only, and should not be used for general park access. Always let the driver know where you are going upon boarding the bus. Most times, the driver will be able to take you directly (ie: Contemporary, for Chef Mickey's) but sometimes this is not possible. As such, you should always allow time for a connection when going Resort to Resort. Actual arrival times will vary by location.

    It was originally posted on this thread:

    I hope that helps!

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