Genie+ Extra Stacking Loophole Changed- WDW Vloggers Wrongly Saying Stacking Is Gone


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Mar 13, 2015
Just something to watch out for. The extra stacking loophole in Genie+ at Walt Disney World has been stopped. However the WDW Vloggers are wrongly spreading that stacking is gone. This is not correct. Stacking as we used to do with Maxpass and the free paper Fastpass is not gone. You can still stack Genie+ Lightning Lane passes by getting them every 2 hours and with return times for the afternoon and evening.

If you used to stack Maxpass Fastpasses, then you have nothing to worry about, just do what you used to do for Maxpass with Genie+ Lightning Lane passes when it eventually comes to Disneyland or when you visit Walt Disney World.

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Mar 18, 2018
Just to clarify, this is the "loophole" that was closed:

You get lightning lane for attraction 1 that is over 2 hours away (or over 2 hours after park opening in the case of a pre-opening booking). You book a lightning lane for attraction 2 after the 2 hour window. You use lightning lane for attraction 2 and then book lightning lane for attraction 3. After you use the lightning lane for attraction 1, you can book your lightning lane for attraction 4 even if you haven't used your lightning lane for attraction 3 and it has been less than 2 hours since you booked your lightning lane for attraction 3.

After the update, using lightning lane for attraction 1 does not trigger a new lightning lane becoming available. Only using the lightning lane for attraction 3 or waiting 2 hours since booking attraction 3 will trigger being able to book a new lightning lane.

I still have a couple questions that I have still been unable to find the answer to regarding Genie+:
Is the 30 minute rule is implemented for Genie+? Formerly, if you got a Fastpass with a return window that started less than 30 minutes away from the time you got the Fastpass, you could not get your next Fastpass for 30 minutes. I'm not sure if this rule was ever implemented in WDW but it was implemented in Disneyland first and then other Disney parks around the world. Now that using a lightning lane triggers being able to get a new one rather than the start of a Fastpass return time, I'm wondering: If you use your lightning lane less than 30 minutes from the time you got it, do you still have to wait the full 30 minutes or can you book the next lightning lane after it is used.

What happens if an attraction that you hold a lightning lane for goes down? Are people issued multiple experiences passes? Can they immediately book their next lightning lane? Can they book that attraction again for later in the day? Or are they just completely out of luck? The only information I can find on this is people being issued refunds for individual lightning lanes which is not what I'm asking about.


Sep 29, 2021
Yeah, the regular stacking still is allowed and from my understanding; you can actually CHOOSE times unlike FP+ you couldn't choose evening times right at opening.

The SPLIT stacking loophole where tapping into expired grace times allowed a 2nd then 3rd then 4th stack to occur was closed. It was quite an impressive feat to do for people dedicated to take advantage of the grace period. I don't recall if FP+ had that loophole or not.

I'm curious to see how they implement Genie+ over here in DLR. I do hope they keep vestiges of FP+ like rerides, but it looks less likely as they may be switching over en masse to Genie+/Magic Band. I do wonder how the ticketing system will change with this and morphing over to MDE platform?


Sep 4, 2016
Both the continuing stack and the expired time stack were closed so it's now either use the 2 hour rule or the double tap into rule.

If a ride goes down, you get a multi-experience pass and it doesn't look like that impacts your next available time. And from reports, you can still book that attraction again. However, if you cancel and rebook, it will start your timer over again.

You cannot choose your times with Genie+ but you can with the ILL$$ UNLESS it's not at your starting park, in which case you automatically get a time after park hopping hours (at DLR 1pm).

Curious to see if the 30 minute rule holds too. I don't think anything at WDW is close enough to really test that this week.