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  1. Amy/Gary

    Amy/Gary Earning My Ears

    Aug 27, 2000

    Gary Age 34 - Picture Snapper
    Amy Age 25 - Picture helper

    Our first full day at Disney.. We woke up nice and early to Mickey on the phone and headed out for the Magic Kingdom for our 8:30 ps for Tony's. We got there and checked in and were seated almost immediately.

    Gary - Breakfast Calzone
    Amy - Country Fritata (yummy)
    We both shared the Peaches and Cream and of course there was that huge cinnabun!! Mmmm..

    Breakfast over with we headed out starting in Tommorowland. In succession we did, Alien Encounters, TTA, Carousel of Progress,Buzz and Space Mountain, then over to the Haunted Mansion quick before lunch at Liberty Tavern.

    Gary - Seafood Pasta (it was yummyy!!)
    Amy - Beef Stew in a bread bowl.. Yum Yum!!

    After lunch we headed over to Tom Sawyer's Island and did all the paths and caves. An hour later back to adventureland for the Tiki Show, the Treehouse, Pirates and Country Bear Jamboree. We skipped the Jungle Cruise and headed back to Fantasyland were we stood in line for an hour to go on Pooh. It was cute, but NOT worth an hour wait.. My feet were killing me at this point. By then it was almost time to head over to the Castle for our dinner ps and my feet needed to sit!! We looked through the store in the castle and just as we were ready to check in, the fireworks started. So I ran out behind the castle with my camera and started snapping. I missed Tinkerbell, which I was annoyed about, but oh well. When they were over we checked in for dinner. We were about 30 minutes early and settled in to our seats for a wait. We got called shortly before our actualy PS and went upstairs. This is where it gets worse. We sit down. And we wait, and we wait, and we wait, and WE WAIT!!!! 30 minutes later I am ready to flag down the next waitress/waiter I see and someone walks up and asks if we have been helped. NOPE!@! I say. So she takes our orders and brings us our drinks. Okay, this is looking up now you would think? Nope. Our food comes out with a different server and our waitress is no where in site. I wait 25 minutes before I get annoyed. Gary goes and finds the manager and complains. Apparantly a different waiter was supposed to take our table and forgot us and we got lost in the shuffle. Free desserts for our trouble..

    Gary - Prime Rib
    Amy - Steak with Potato Casserole.. Yumm

    After dinner we headed out to go back to our hotel. Main Street had NO people on it. Not ONE besides us. It was the creepiest feeling. The music was going and everything was lite up.. But no people.. eekk. We head out to the buses, and get our very own bus back the CBR. We stop and get Pina Coladas, snuggle up into a hammock for awhile and then off to bed for our day at Epcot tommorow.

    Next Up, Day 3 - Epcot - Mahi Mahi, but I hate fish!!
  2. LisaTx

    LisaTx <font color=3366FF>Domestic Goddess<br>

    Feb 11, 1999
    I bet your feet were hurting. That sounds like a long day.

    I thought being the last ones on Main Street was just magical. :)

    Thanks for sharing your trip with us.

    Lisa :)

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  3. Marla Hellwig

    Marla Hellwig I'm not lost, it's called creative exploring

    Mar 25, 2000
    Will have to try dinner in the castle sometime. Thanks for posting!

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