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Jul 4, 2000
We are flying with frequent flyer miles on Thurs. My question is, as of right now we have a 4 hr layover in Detroit on a trip that only takes 3 1/2 hrs of flight. They said there were no frequent flyer seats available on the earlier flight out of Detroit, if we arrive at our departure airport early, is it possible they would switch us to the earlier flight if there are seats available? I just hate to be sitting in an airport when we could be soaking up the magic.
Stand by for the earlier flight if you get to the connecting city in time for it. I have successfully done stand by for earlier flights quite often.

Although 3-1/2 hours' wait is boring to sit through, I prefer to choose 2 to 2-1/2 hours instead of just one hour for making a connection if possible. If the incoming flight is late, one scheduled hour to make a connection can make people nervous.

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