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Tommy Hill

Earning My Ears
Mar 6, 2018
I am trying to determine if I qualify for memory maker since I’m a 4 year vet. Was told several months ago that tickets and resort discounts are for retired veterans only (got this from a Disney rep). Was surprised that 4 year veterans were not included but glad retired veterans get this great deal. I just don’t want to pay full price before we leave (8 days) if I can get this discount. If you’re a 4 year veteran and have received this discount please share some details of what you did. Thanks


I'm going to Disney World!
Sep 12, 2015
Dumb question I think- but is there something special about a 4 year veteran, vs any other veteran? I'm a veteran, in the American Legion, a vet of a combat action, etc. I've been out more than 35 years.

My son is active duty, and he can get military tickets and a better rate than non-military, but for veterans I've never seen any sort of discount (aside from retirees who purchase from Shades Of Green).

In September and January, any veteran can stay at SOG though as a special thing, and I can buy non-active military slightly discounted tickets because I"m staying there. Definitely NOT big discounts, but tax-free so it's a small savings. I don't see any discount on Memory Maker, though.


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