FOTL on day of check out from HRH


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Mar 2, 2001
I am staying at HRH on Thursday April 12 (just for the one night). We have one day to hit USF before we drive to my in-laws for Easter. We will actually check out Friday am before we got to the park. Will be able to us FOTL even though we are technically checking out that morning? Do you have to turn in your room key? Can we use it that day at the park? If we can't use FOTL are better off just staying at some cheap hotel nearby? Thanks for any help.
Although I haven't done this yet...I have seen this question answered 100 times! Yes, you can. No, you do not turn in your room key; it is yours to keep as a souvenier (sp?).
Does that mean that anyone who has ever stayed at HRH or Portofino (and keeps their key) can access this privilege anytime they return to the park?
No, the keys have your dates of stay on it and the ride ops do check.


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so the answer still is that you can use your key for FTL on the day you check out?
correct. You may use the card for FOTL from the moment you receive it until the very end of the day when you check out. We checked out at 10 am, and then spent the day - til 7pm, in the parks. The checkout date is printed on the card and is considered a valid day. The nice perk is that if you stayed 1 night, you would get 2 days of FOTL...


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