for those of you who have stayed at PO Riverside recently..

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by jeank74, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. jeank74

    jeank74 <font color=CC66CC>A happy newlywed!<br><font colo

    Mar 12, 2002
    I would like to know how the condition of non-smoking rooms in Magnolia Terrace and/or Parterre Place is. Is the room well maintained or worn out?

    Are coffee maker, iron and hair dryer available?

    How are the mousekeepers and CMs?

  2. farleyman

    farleyman DIS Veteran wannabe

    Jul 17, 2002
    Howdy!! My wife and I were there last October, and we stayed in Magnolia Terrace. Our room was very well maintained, and never came across anything bad. I remember that coffee makers as well as an iron were available. In fact, as soon as we got to our room, we ordered an iron and it was there within minutes. We found the CM's to be very pleasant there. More specifically, the one that checked us in at the front desk was simply wonderful. Sure wish I could've remembered her name.

    Hope this helps!!

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  4. ls1222

    ls1222 DIS Veteran

    Apr 1, 2002
    We stayed at riverside in 2000 (and going back in Sept/Oct this year). The rooms were well maintained and clean (they could use some new carpet though). We really enjoyed the resort and the landscape!!
  5. mykidsmom

    mykidsmom Mouseketeer

    Apr 13, 2002
    I hate to be the lone semi-negative post, but... we were in Parterre Place for one night (8/1/02). The room itself seemed very clean, however the bathroom area was only marginally clean. I took clorox wipes and solved that problem! The CM that checked us in at night was not friendly or helpful. This kind of set the stage for a negative outlook.

    The grounds were absolutely beautiful (we saw a rainbow our very first morning) and the food court offers anything you could possibly want.

    In our room, we did not have coffeemaker, iron or blowdryer. We did not ask for one, so don't know if they make them available.

    Hope you have a nice trip:)
  6. Luv2Roam

    Luv2Roam DIS Veteran

    Jun 3, 2000
    DH and I stayed in Magnolia Terr seven nights, the last week of May.
    The room could have used sprucing up, but nothing major. Howver, it was very dirty. The room was clean where you used it the most, but you didn't want to be very observant past that.
    The coffeemaker does not come in the room. I called housekeeping and they brouht one up in within ten minutes.
    The downside -- You are charged for the coffee. And that's all we got -- coffeemaker and two small packs of coffee. No condiments, cups, or even a stir stick. Pretty cheezy, IMHO.
    We didn't use an iron or blow dryer. And I don't recall seeing either. But could be wrong on the blow dryer. I am sure there wasn't an iron/iron board.
  7. jaguar9748

    jaguar9748 DIS Veteran

    Aug 21, 2001
    Jean -

    I stayed in Parterre Place several years ago. It is a longer walk than Magnolia Terrace. If I were you I would shoot for Magnolia Terrace.

    I can't comment on the condition of the mansion rooms, but our bayou room in July was in good shape. The bedding was very clean and in good shape. The sink and bathroom areas were also clean. The table was a little sticky and the top of the airconditioner was a little dirty. A wet washcloth took care of that.

    You already got your answer on the coffee maker. With your refillable mug, coffee is free at Riverside Mill.

    There are no irons or ironing boards in the rooms. I believe the only moderate that has these in all rooms is CSR because it is a convention resort. I'm sure you can request these items.

    There are no hairdryers in the rooms. Again, CSR has hair dryers. I do not know if they supply hair dryers.

    Mousekeeping was fine, but then all we expect is freshly made beds, fresh towels, and clean bathroom area.

    CM's in Riverside are fine. Naturally there are always a couple. We had an issue with one of the food court CM's. It's important to note that there are bad CM's everywhere, but most CM's are pleasant and courteous. :p
  8. mrsmom

    mrsmom <font color=green>Drinks P.C.'s in the C.C. at P.I

    Jul 27, 2000
    we stayed in Parterre place in June, in The mansions and we had two connecting room and they were both very clean and really enjoy the resort,
    I didn't ask for a hairdryer or coffee maker so i don't know about those. But i would love to stay there again .
  9. lvs_eeyore

    lvs_eeyore <font color=deeppink>Has a silly grin & it's Disne

    May 6, 2001
    We stayed in Oak Manor during Memorial Day Weekend 2002. The resort is beautiful but HUGE.

    Our room was in need of some refurbishment but wasnt dirty. Housekeeping was great about cleaning the room but as for delivering things they bombed out on us. Took two days to get four extra pillows then we got three extra pillows and four towels and gave up calling LOL. The room was always cleaned very well though.

    The walking to and from the foodcourt is what got to me but I have fibromyalgia and carrying four full mugs caused me to have to stop three times trying to get back to our room. We used our SUV for further trips to the foodcourt. The foodcourt itself is very nice but was very crowded when we were there BUT it was a holiday weekend so we sort of expected it would be. The food was GREAT and not really expensive. They have a wonderful piano player at the bar area near the front of the foodcourt and everyone seemed to be having such a great time....from the oldsters to the kids.

    Check in for us was interesting since I had made two ressies under my name and the other part of our party got there before we did and checked in. It caused quite a lot of confusion. We checked in around 6:30 and there was quite a line waiting and we spent a lot of time waiting for them to clear up the mess with the rooms. What got me most was the CM was NOT going to tell me what room my ILS were in! We knew they were next to us or should have been but we didnt know left or right of us. She told me she couldnt tell me because of confidentially reasons. It wasnt until I reminded her that the ressies were in MY name that she finally told me what room they were in!

    Coffeemakers and hair dryers are not in the rooms nor are irons but you can request them from housekeeping.
  10. Wonderlandmom

    Wonderlandmom <font color=blue>Still Wondering...<br><font color

    Mar 21, 2001
    We stayed in Magnolia Terrace last June, and Acadian last August. Both rooms were nice and clean and non smoking. No problems in appearance at all :D ! In fact they were sprucing up MT in August, that is why we took Acadian. It may have just been exterior painting, but the CM who checked us in said it was inside sprucing up too. I imagine there are rooms at any resort that have a stain or problem. If it is something you can't stand, ask to be moved.:cool:
    We requested Iron, ironing board, bedrails for DD and a coffeemaker each trip. Received them very quickly. They even brought a hairdryer.
    The CM's and mousekeepers we encountered there were very friendly. The man who checked us in for the August visit was the nicest CM we have ever encountered. Much nicer than the one who checked us in at WL in Dec. BUT, this is just luck of the draw. Each resort has CM's who go above and beyond and CM's who are having a bad day. ;)

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