Food on ABD Mediterranean Add-on (Pete's not crazy!)

Discussion in 'DIS Adventures by Disney Trips' started by LoriABil, Jul 5, 2011.

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    Sep 11, 2008
    Sorry if this has been covered. I've checked the podcast threads, and didn't see it (but I find it hard to believe no one has an opinion on this!)

    Okay, I'm late listening, but I finally heard the review on the ABD add-on for the Mediterranean cruise. This is what we've been saving for - and I was so excited to hear a review on it!

    And to Pete, you are not crazy for thinking the food should have been better. You were in Italy! My husband spent a semester in college at Rome, and travelled all over Italy that semester. He has always said there was pasta served at every meal to the point of being sick of pasta! You had him yelling at the radio as we listened on our trip home tonight!

    He said meals were antipasta, pasta, main dish, and dessert. Sometimes, they had a salad. And that was for poor college students!

    There is absolutely no excuse! Yes, boiled meat is very popular in Europe. I'm unsure about Italy. We went on a "low scale" (compared to ABD) tour of Ireland for our honeymoon, and let's face it - that place is known for boiling all sorts of meat! The food was fabulous - never boiled meat, always choices of always fresh and local foods. And we had a group of 40-50. So there is really no excuse. It doesn't sound like you had a "true" Italian experience.

    Thank you for all of your honest reviews - Hopefully they don't fall on deaf ears. I guess we will see...

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