Flex Pins for 2002


DIS Veteran
Jun 20, 2000
Has anyone seen any Flex pins in WDW for 2002.

As the flex queen I should know this.

I saw the Jiminiy in the Car and the Mickey and Minnie with the balloons, but think these are both from Disneyland.

Maybe I will have to ask Mad Strawberry to get me those.



Hi Barbara,

Just let me know what you want for them.

If it is anything like WDW they are pretty easy to get.

I will give you a big hug in September when I finally get to meet you.

It may be a burden, but one I can endure for the sake of the honor of Her Highness, the Flex Queen.....I am willing to be deputized!

I know Darlene will not have much time on her next trip to WDW to scour the parks for flex pins. So, I, and my deranged pintrading family, stand ready! We will do what we can -- to track down any and all 2002 flex pins and bring them back to Her Highness, so that they may live in the glow of her everlasting love. Amen. :D
Dear Robyn and Family,

I know you are up to the challenge.

Thank you.


(I will give you some royal traders at Parkhoppers)

A flex pin is a pin you get as part of a package you book through Disney Travel. They call it a Flex Feture and one of them is a pin.... Hence the name Flex Pin.
those darn Travel pins aren't as easy as you think. The Mickey with balloons is not to bad, but the Jiminy is alittle harder. They are cute and people are keeping them. But people......just give them some time and they won't be as hard. I did get them for you......both of them. Just give me an arm and a leg........no 1st borns. Robyn is always trying to give me hers. I have both of my girls out on thier own.........don't want any more kids, Richard is bad enough............LOL !
Hi Barbara,

Did I hear you got the Flex pins?


Let me know what you want for them. I do have one arm left and one leg and my first born is independent and out on his own too - good kid. You might consider taking him - he could cut your grass and stuff.

I can not wait to see them.



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