First week of Jan vs 3rd Week of Jan

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When do you suggest we go or are we crazy to even think of Jan?

  1. First week of Jan (Dec 30-Jan 7)

  2. Third week of Jan (Jan 20-28)

  3. January? ARE YOU CRAZY?! Go when it's warm and you can swim/lounge at the pools. :)

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  1. TagsMissy

    TagsMissy It's not always easy being the wife of a soldier.

    Jun 25, 2008
    We are looking at maybe checking out WDW in Jan -- risk it being cold. Hubby and I have decided we aren't even going to attempt our Sept trip as we would have hoped.

    I am leaning toward the first week ((Dec 30th actually.)) We'll have a non park day on the 31st I think LOL But I'd love to see the Candlelight processional if it's on the 30th like the previous years and get an opportunity to see Osborne Lights.

    We'd love to go beg Dec but the first two weeks of Dec are often chaotic at work plus there's the factor hubby probably won't have any vac time left by then or the little he has he'll want to keep for actual Christmas.

    Are we insane trying to go to WDW the first week of Jan? Or other than 31/1st are the crowds really manageable.

    I'd love to hear your stories -- good and bad.
  2. bwvBound

    bwvBound DVC SSR & other timeshare

    Feb 5, 2004
    We've gone the 3rd week of January for years (since '96). The past few years I've found myself fighting waves of noisy young persons (Brazilian or cheer squad-types), pushy parents cutting through lines to catch up with the one person in their group who acted as "line slug" then phoned the rest to join at the last minute and other inconveniences. Increasingly I avoid the parks.

    I voted "1st week" in your poll in the hopes you might catch the CP (really wonderful!), lights, and holiday spirit residue.
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  4. Simba's Mom

    Simba's Mom <font color=green>everything went to "H*** in a ha

    Aug 26, 1999
    Coincidently I've gone both of those weeks. When I taught private school, I used to go the first week of January. Then, later I tried the third week (don't know why). The first week had some very cold days. One morning, AK was open but many things were delayed because of the freezing weather and some animals weren't out. However, after a couple days into January, the crowds dropped dramatically. The third week of January was much busier. I voted for the first week if you don't mind cold sometimes.
  5. drusba

    drusba I went to Iowa once, and it was closed.

    Aug 19, 1999
    Done both several times. Unfortunately, did first week this year--unfortunate because Florida decided to have the longest string of cold days it can remember (15 days in a row where temp went below freezing). Typical day was 28 in the morning, 36 by 9:30, 40 by noon, 48 by 3, then when sun went down just before 6 temp dropped back to 28. If it is any consolation I have been that first week of Janaury when the daily high all days was between 75 and 83.

    News Years is a Sat in 2011. That means you should expect huge Christmas-like crowds from Dec 30 through Jan 3, lighter Tuesday the 4th and much lighter the 5th -- some will leave Monday but the largest mass will leave Tuesday. Christmas decorations usually start coming down the 3d or the 4th (in hotels it happens overnight, in parks it takes a few days). Nevertheless, this year they were actually left up until past mid-January (two different CMs told me it was because it was too cold to take them down). Osborne lights will likely be up through the 3d.

    Jan 20 to 28 will have fairly light crowds, although short hours and is usually an ideal time if you want to avoid crowds. Weather can be anything (same as early Jan) from cold to quite warm. Most times for us it has been pleasant (60s to some 70s with an occasional 50s and rain)
  6. keishashadow

    keishashadow Proud Redhead...yes, I have some bananas!

    Dec 30, 2004
    3rd week in Jan should be MLK weekend (if im thinking correctly), it's a school holiday in our area

    i'd guess the parks attendance might kick up a bit on the weekend.:confused3
  7. drusba

    drusba I went to Iowa once, and it was closed.

    Aug 19, 1999
    MLK Day will be Jan 17, crowded that weekend but nothing like first few days of Jan and most of that crowd disappears quickly as you get into the week and by Jan 20, which would be OPs first day, it will be gone
  8. Pixieflip

    Pixieflip Are we there yet?

    Feb 10, 2009

    Because of this, I definitely vote for the 3rd week.

    I've done both, fewer people is always better for us. Weather will be virtually the same chances at cold. We just did WDW Dec. 27 to Jan.9 and there were plenty of large South American tour groups then, too.
  9. famcruisefun

    famcruisefun Mouseketeer

    Sep 19, 2003
    We've been there the past 3 years the week before marathon weekend, and then this year we stayed through marathon weekend. Arrived around the 4th and left by the 10th - depending on the year. This year it was fantastically cold - we never got out of long pants, multiple shirts and even coats and mittens. The previous 2 years it was warm, beautiful, shorts weather and actual time by the pool - comfortably.
    Crowds have been minimal for all 3 trips. We love this time of year in the parks - already planning for next year!
  10. Starr W.

    Starr W. DIS Veteran

    Nov 26, 2006
    It's not bad at all, I've done 3 MLK weekends(kids get a 4 day-er). I was at MK this year on MK day(late flight back, plus we had a car) and it was no problem.

    Got the calendar marked for the 7 month mark for MLK weekend 2011!

    Weather is always better than here in NW Ohio.
  11. noname70

    noname70 Mouseketeer

    Jan 18, 2004
    I agree with others as far as weather goes. I've swam in January and I've worn a coat. It's a gamble.

    I'm considering the second week in 2011. Is that week about the same as the third?
  12. dianeschlicht

    dianeschlicht <font color=blue>DVC-Trivia Contest, Apr-2006: Hon

    Nov 22, 2000
    We like January for the low crowds, and the third week will be lower crowds than the first week, but the first week will likely be better temps.
  13. raykit98

    raykit98 Mouseketeer

    Jan 28, 2010
    That is one of the reasons we joined DVC, we know when we go to Disney it want be our last time. You can check out different times of the year.

    We are going in March for 4 days and we only plan on going into the park 1 day during that trip, but we plan on doing things at the DVC Resort and maybe Resort hop to check the other ones out. I know my DW wants to go to the outlet for shopping.

    When we take out big family trip in September we plan on going into the park every day.

    I guess what I am trying to say is if I was going to Disney during a busy time I would enjoy the sights more then trying to do all of the rides.

    As DVC members we have a great deal my next step is getting AP's for the family.
  14. Kuzco

    Kuzco DIS Veteran

    Feb 29, 2000
    I've never been the 3rd week of January, but have gone the first week twice (first week being after the NY crowds were gone). Both times we had below average temperatures. The negative was that the pools/water rides were off limits for us. However, the crowds were extremely low for us, which was a huge plus, so I would definitely go during that time of year again. This year, we're braving Dec 30 - Jan 5, we're expecting a different crowd situation. :)

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