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Mar 3, 2000
We are planning to visit DL for the first time and have a couple of questions hopefully someone can help us with.

We are planning to say in a hotel outside Disneyland in Anaheim. Could anyone tell me how much a taxi would cost to the airport? Are there firms such as Mears or Tiffany like in Orlando? There will be 2 adults and 2 children.

Also hotels - we are looking for something near to DL, with maybe a shuttle or within walking distance (is it safe to walk??) The Holiday Inn Anaheim looks good, has anyone stayed there?

Sorry for so many questions!

Thanks in advance :D

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Mazzy Im told by a friend do not take a cab, it will cost a lot. We're doing the shuttle.

I cant help you on hotels :) we're staying at the Costanoga which is about 1.5 blocks from Disneyland. It claims it is right up against Disneyland but it doesnt look like it on a nap :rolleyes:

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It is safe to walk in the Disneyland and Convention Center area. There are other areas of Anaheim where I wouldn't recommend it.

The hotels listed as "across the street" on the following map are an easy walk away. 1 or 2 blocks or 250 yards is a reasonable walking distance, and anything beyond that is only for people who really like to walk.

AirportBus is an easy option, because you don't need to call or reserve, just get on their scheduled service:

They also offer a multi-day pass which might be useful if you want to go to Universal, Knott's, etc.

Here are a few other shuttle options, these require call-ahead or reservation:

Xpress Shuttle


Golden West Express


Shuttle 2000

--- Mark
Rachel - thanks for warning me about the taxi cost, the shuttle it is then!

Mark - thanks so much for posting all these great links, the map is brilliant for seeing where the hotels actually are, thanks again for posting :D

May 1999 WDW Dolphin
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